Friday, July 03, 2009

Odds and Ends 124

If you are waiting for the dates of the 'Public Information Sessions' put on by the Outreach Team of Ponte Vista at San Pedro, you wait is going to continue.

Even though states "We will be announcing the dates for several Public Information Sessions that will be happening in June and July!", I learned news that makes even July sessions something of a question to me.

I talked to Ms. Elise Swanson, the Vice President in charge of the Outreach Team. She informed me that more information should be coming out on or after July 20.

It seems that IF there are sessions before the August 13 Planning Commission meeting to provide more information about plans for the project, they won't be held with much time before that meeting's date.

That is IF there won't be some kind of postponement of the report by the Planning Department on the status of the project which was directed to be done by the Commissioners.

It may mean absolutely nothing that has been under construction for months now since just after the new proposals were revealed.

The site had lots of information on it about the former proposal but it looks like there is nothing to illustrate the 1,395-unit proposal by the current developer on the site.

It looks like the beginnings of work on the resurfacing of Western Avenue between Avenida Aprenda and Carson Street is now happening.

The work is slated to be done at night and only one lane at a time is going to be worked on.

Has anyone seen or otherwise have knowledge of new studies being done for a new EIR for Ponte Vista? According to a source who lives closer to the site than I do, they have seen nothing they would describe as a new traffic study.

Of course if a new traffic study is undertaken in the coming weeks that means that the regular traffic associated with Mary Star of the Sea High School would not be studied. That would make a new study undertaken in this timeframe not realistic of what Western has on it during the school year.

I have seen ominous markings in the number 2 lane of southbound Western Avenue between Delasonde and Toscanini.

The orange paint on the asphalt is used by communications companies and there are white markings along with the orange markings near a power/phone/cable T.V. pole.

It you see markings in the street it can mean a lane may get closed during hours of work on whatever is going to happen.

Because the markings are south of Delasonde, they are on a portion of Western Avenue that is not currently slated for resurfacing.

Hey, would you like to fill a volunteer position.

There is a need for one more Johnston, Iowa Park Advisory Board Member. One of the parks in that town is...........Ponte Vista Park! Who knew there were lots of Italians in that part of Iowa?

I am continuing to talk to folks about their current feelings concerning Ponte Vista.

I am considering writing a commentary that features more specific feelings from a variety of folks. It still is interesting to run into people I haven't talked with for a while and learn what their current ideas about the project are.

Maybe by "Odds and Ends 125" I'll have a better picture of what folks think, what we are seeing throughout OUR community, and what, if any, the responses from the Outreach Team are.

On Development news and while researching information about bakeries, Terri and I have been learning more about Amalfitano's Italian Bakery in Delaware and its ownership and relationship to DiAmbrosio Bakery in the Philadelphia area.

I am pretty sure the two bakeries owned by a larger company are not affiliated with the Amalfitano Bakery that is coming to Western Avenue.

The front windows of the old Sunken City are now papered over so I am still guessing that is where the new bakery will be constructed.

Have a happy and safe Independece Day. Terri and I are celebrating our 17th that day so we sometimes call it our Dependence Day.

Thank you all for noisily celebrating the day.

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