Friday, January 01, 2010

Odds and Ends 149

Happy New Year with this, the 765Th post on this blog!
I hope everyone got through a very tough year as best they could and are entering the new year better prepared for whatever comes up.
To not remember history means there are chances to repeat it and with Ponte Vista at San Pedro, we all need to remember the history of what was and learn from more recent developments what could be.
I remember a developer stating as a matter of true fact that the first phase of the Ponte Vista at San Pedro project would be under construction in 2009. I remember how he and others on his team told us facts about what would be on the site, when things would happen and how everything would be taken care of. I remember hearing and reading that all traffic issues would be fully mitigated by the time the first buildings were under construction.
People tauted 'facts' as if they were true and that an out of town developer knew what was better for OUR community than OUR community members know.
OUR community came to learn that those 'facts' were not all that true and that we actually do know what is best for OUR community.
In remembering "The Bob Years" and keeping the documents produced during that era, we will now use what we have learned to help bring forth the best possible solution for all of us in OUR community.
So, how do you feel about Ms. Janice Hahn running for Lt. Governor?
First, I think that post could be deleted in favor of having the Speaker of the California Assembly act in place of a sitting Governor or take their place if something awful happens.
I feel the Lt. Governor position is not only useless but it costs taxpayer dollars our State doesn't have.
But if Janice wants to run for such a useless seat, then I hope she continues to listen to those in her 15Th District and be a full-time Council member, well as much as she has been lately, anyway.
I hope folks watch how she answers questions about development, especially high-density development. I hope her campaign staff knows that there will be many eyes and ears following her words and actions in the coming months.
I was a bit surprised that Ms. Hahn didn't wish to hold on and run for L.A.County Supervisor. Perhaps she eventually wants to be the Governor.
Throughout 2009, R Neighborhoods Are 1 has remained online and always ready to deal whatever came up. We were a bit like the National Guard. "They also serve, those who stand and wait." The group was OUR community's guard and it remains able to do what is necessary to protect OUR community from over development.
Great news! Pavich's Pizza is coming to Western Avenue!
This Croatian Pizza Restaurant is adding a site at Western Avenue and Summerland in the spot of the old Pizza Hut.
Along with Amalfitano's Bakery, opening in January, we add to businesses with strong bases in San Pedro and the surrounding communities.
I want to thank Ted, Tim, Elise, and the rest of the Outreach Team for the assistance they provided to OUR community throughout 2009.
They were all willing to answer questions during a very tough economic time for them and it seems they may still be working on something that will come forward, possibly in the Spring.
Of course I still maintain that Ponte Vista at San Pedro have no more than 831-total units, it will be very interesting to see what numbers come forward sometime in the new year.
It appears that their current number of 1,395-units is higher than what they will probably announce, but I think we can all appreciate that there is no chance for 2,300-units on the 61.53 acre site.


Anonymous said...

Here's a worthy letter that should be read whether one agrees or disagrees.

December 25, 2009
Random Lengths News
By Jane Barton

Not Janice Hahn. Please NOT Janice Hahn.

Janice Hahn should not be lieutenant governor or even city councilwoman is her record. Hahn is loosely qualified now and was inadequately qualified in 2001 when she coat tailed on her brother's mayoral race and her father's name.

Fast forward to 2009 and it is not Hahn's qualifications that make her the wrong choice: It is her failed leadership and political practices.

When you remain silent and allow the police chief to take 40 cops out of your area during a time when the city adds 1,000 cops to the force because you need a political endorsement, when you allow Eastview Little League to stay in limbo for five years then displace these children to play in an area you yourself have called "the diesel death zone," when you divide a community on Ponte Vista because you fear any decision would hurt you politically and hope to delay a decision until you are out of office, when you blatantly lie to your community about a proposition (Proposition A) you sponsor to help yourself during a time you are under investigation for misusing gang prevention funds, when you cannot develop the waterfront because you are at odds with the port and the mayor as a political strategy, when you are compromised by donors from outside your district because they account for 80 percent of the money you raise, when your hometown has added more tattoo parlors than schools, bakeries, libraries and cops combined during your time in office, you do not deserve the community's support or deserve to be its representative.

These are the reasons to oppose Janice Hahn; these are the facts; this is her record. I am tired of the same random letters that defend Hahn from people who directly or indirectly receive money from the Councilwoman (aka Frank O’Brien, Liz Johnson, Stephanie Mardesich). Just think what we could have accomplished in the past eight and half years if Janice had been committed to our future instead of hers.

Random Lengths News

M Richards said...

Thanks Anonymous 9:06 PM.
I think this is an appropriate comment, even though it is political, because it deals with an individual who is intrumental in the Ponte Vista discussions.
How she sways and votes is something we all need to watch.

Jim said...

Let's not forget Janice Hahn turning her back on the community by pushing the approval for a new 7-11 store on Pacific. The local residents were against it.

Janice Hahn claimed the new store would be a great benefit for the area residents (I guess she knows what the people need and want better than the people themselves) by creating new jobs and providing a place to buy things late at night.

How much more insulting to the residents could she be. A store like that is only going to add a few MINIMUM WAGE type JOBS, plus there are already four 7-11 stores in San Pedro, three of them within five or six minutes of the Pacific Ave location. There are also several liqour stores nearby as well.

Come on Janice, you could have come up with something better than that. Does the phrase "Out of Touch" mean anything? Or could it be big donations for your political warchest? Or maybe you or someone close to you know the people who own the land? Or maybe all of the above? Who knows?

One thing is for sure, the residents concerns were ignored