Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Video About Ponte Vista

I get information from Google when something resembling the words "Ponte Vista" come up.
With today's update, I came across the following:

IndyConnect - Central Indiana's Transportation Initiative on Vimeo
Bisno - Ponte Vista. by Arnold Imaging. 3 months ago. 13. Avila - Best Thing I Ever Did. by Arnold Imaging. 3 months ago. 12. Ball Park Village ...

This was a bit intriguing for me because of the upload date of November 23, 2009.
The production, probably by Arnold Imaging was a basic rehash of what was proposed during "The Bob Years" and really doesn't bare any similarity to what might be forthcoming soon. is the URL for the 3:05 minute animated production.
What was also interesting to me when I went to the join page was that is for non-commercial uses. I can't believe Ponte Vista is non-commercial.

Whatever is going on is more than what has happened recently and I found it interesting enough to post this information.

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