Friday, February 26, 2010

Odds and Ends 157

The newest report I have been able to gather from a source associated with the city of Los Angeles indicates that they have heard nothing concerning Ponte Vista at San Pedro for some time.
This is somewhat interesting in that, the last time I spoke to Ms. Elise Swanson, the Vice President of the current development organization and leader of the Outreach Team, I felt she indicated that something might come out to the public this "February".
So basically the newest report is quite similar to everything I have learned about the project since last May.
By now if you drive along Western Avenue close to the intersection of Trudie Drive, you should have seen the new signage announcing that hiring has begun for the new Denny's.
That particular restaurant addition seems to be moving along smoothly.
Unfortunately, I have heard some rumblings that the construction of Amalfitano's Bakery is hitting some snags even though construction is continuing and the lights are shining at both establishments.
There may be some conflict between Edison and the Amalfitanos. I hope everything gets settled soon and we can all enjoy once again some real treats that we had to say farewell to when Ramona's Bakery closed its doors.
I have written once again on: about a traffic signal system being installed at the intersection of Miraleste Drive and Palos Verdes Drive East.
More specifically, I wrote a piece that asks folks living near that intersection or using it frequently whether they actually want to have traffic signals there.
It is my belief, after talking to many folks and learning about traffic and some possibilities associated with the Marymount College expansion, that most of us who frequently use that intersection do not want or feel any need for traffic signals.
This issue is somewhat associated with Ponte Vista in that, according to the E.I.R. for the Marymount College expansion, 40% of the new traffic generated by the expansion project will travel to and from the intersection of Western Avenue at Trudie and Western Avenue at Palos Verdes Drive North, directly past the Ponte Vista site.
This issue came up again because of a new appendix to the E.I.R. for Marymount's expansion that dealt with having the college win accreditation to become a four-year institution and the construction of a large field on the Palos Verdes Drive East campus.
Did you all just love traveling in the southbound lanes of Western Avenue these past several days.
The right lane has been closed during the day at 1st. Street to allow for repairs to the hillside that partially came down.
There are also periodic closures of a lane due to utility work.
Will the fencing at Avenida Aprenda ever come down?
Last Tuesday, a fire partially consumed a home in the 1900 block of Trudie Drive. That was the reason for all those emergency vehicles in the area in the later part of the afternoon.

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