Friday, February 05, 2010

Odds and Ends 154

We have entered the month when I was told that something MAY be coming forth concerning the newest plans for Ponte Vista at San Pedro.
I am hoping that any reductions in the total number of units from the 1,395-unit count we last heard and read about last year, will make the project the best possible for our entire community.
I don't think we need a long fight, but I think we all understand that there are still more than a few members of OUR community that will continue to remain steadfast in the demand that the current zoning of the site remain.
The Regal Cinemas six screen theatre at The Terraces has closed and the site is now Terrace Cinemas, part of the Starlight group of theatres.
You can find information about showings at the multiplex by visiting or by calling 310-831-1100.
The new management and ownership continue to carry first run movies and they offer bargain matinees daily.
We still have The Warner Grand Theatre in San Pedro and its upcoming "Warners On Wednesdays" series of more recent films. The second season of that series will begin in May and offer fifteen films. Information about that series, with dates, times and movies can be found by visiting
Another week has passed when we were able to witness more work being done on the new Denny's and Amalfitano's Bakery.
What may be subtle for most is quite a dramatic change for those of us who are extremely familiar with businesses along Western Avenue in S.P. and R.P.V.
Hillside Cleaners was in its original location for several generations and was at its former location for as long as I can remember, right next to the barber shop.
Hillside Cleaners moved a few doors north and is now directly next to Hillside Liquors.
It appears that the Plant on Premises of the old location is gone and the new location sends out the items to be cleaned elsewhere.
Some years ago we decided that the prices at Hillside Cleaners were far to high for us to use, even though it is so darn close to our home. We now enjoy the cleaners on Western at P.V. Drive North near the Fresh and Easy Market.
Growing up, of course our family used Hillside Cleaners and there were some familiar faces we knew back in the '60s and into the '70s.

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