Friday, February 12, 2010

Odds and Ends 155

Web site updates begin this edition. is back up on its server but the most recent post on it is dated September 11, 2009., the developments main site remains "under construction" as the Outreach Team continues to work on the new plans for the project.
I don't have anything really new to report or comment on concerning Ponte Vista at San Pedro and the Outreach Team's efforts to bring to all of us their newest plans for the 61.53 acre site in northwest San Pedro.
It is fast approaching the middle of February which is a month mentioned as being a month when the newest plans may be publicized.
February could also be the month when the new Environmental Impact Report could see the light of day or perhaps that is still to be offered somewhere down the road.
Is no news good news? I think that depends on how you feel about Ponte Vista.
Work continues on all the new eating establishments coming to the area.
There is quite a lot of work creating the new Denny's restaurant and it appears that work at the building is occurring inside and out.
Movement towards opening both Asaka Grill and Amalfitano's Bakery has been seen by the changing interiors of both sites.
The Western Plaza shopping area is also going to have a massage business opening up in a space once occupied by a laundromat.
Many years ago when our family's washing machine needed replacement, we would go down to what we called the "washy toshy". I think I put myself in one of the dryers just to see if I could fit. I remember them being big and pink and I could pretend.
Then after a few days of having to go somewhere to have our clothes washed, my dad would go to William's T.V. and Appliances and pick up a new washer. Mr. Otis Williams owned the store and he lived up the hill from us.
Yes, another production from The Relevant Stage Theatre Company comes your way and it has nothing to do with Ponte Vista.
I Love You. You're Perfect. Now Change opens on February 12 and runs weekends through February 27 at the historic Warner Grand Theatre in San Pedro.
It's a great show with a fabulous cast.
While you are waiting for something to happen with Ponte Vista, I encourage you to take in a great show.

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