Friday, May 07, 2010

Odds and Ends 167

I usually publish this post at 12:01 AM Friday mornings. I didn't today.
This week finally saw normality arrive in the parking lots for Denny's and Asaka Grill Express.
Still, there is no sushi on the Grill's menu.
I have a new scanner and I am practicing my procrastination skills at hooking it up which I need to do so I can scan the inside of Asaka's menu and post it here. Perhaps by Monday morning I will finally get around to hooking the new H.P. up.
I've got nothing new to report dealing with Ponte Vista at San Pedro.
I think I will publish some bits from the Traffic and Parking Section of The Marymount
College Facilities Expansion Project, now completely approved of by the Rancho Palos Verdes
City Council.
Whether anything actually get built on Marymount's Palos Verdes Drive East campus is another story.
The other story is whether Marymount will accept The Project's approvals and try to move forward if their ballot measure does not pass.
I think if voters ultimately reject Marymount's plan to construct residence halls on the campus, Marymount will have to rethink whether it will start building using The Project's approvals or whether they will continue to seek approvals or victories in lawsuits allow them to build on-campus housing, before they begin any construction.
Census Enumerators are out and about in large numbers and they are individually going to residential units where the resident(s) did not return their mail in Census Questionnaire in time.
Enumerators are expected to wear their I.D. at all times they are working and they should also be carrying the black bag with writing on one side.
Please, if an Enumerator comes to your door it would be great if you would kindly assist the Enumerator in completing the Questionnaire he or she has for your residence.
It takes ten minutes or less, has three fewer questions than the mailed Questionnaire, and you are helping someone who probably needs the job during this continuing time of hardship.
There are about 600,000 Enumerators working since last Saturday attempting to gather information that will lead to the most accurate Census possible.
I promise you won't see anywhere near even one thousand Enumerators in your neighborhood.

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istar financial=another buncha ivy league finance types with no idea where san pedro is.