Friday, May 28, 2010

Odds and Ends 170

I hope that readers of this blog who are registered voters in the city of Rancho Palos Verdes take a visit to my East R.P.V. blog at: and read about Marymount College and their Plan that would have voters step over their own elected City Council members and vote to approve what the City Council members already approved, plus on campus student housing and the potential to restrict government oversight of The Marymount Plan's activities and construction.
I have many posts dealing with my reasons for opposing residence halls on Marymount's campus at the top of Palos Verdes Drive East where it rounds a large curve and above the infamous switchbacks.
It is not that I don't feel on campus housing at most Colleges and Universities is bad at all. It is the location and student makeup of Marymount that requires me to oppose on campus student housing for safety reasons.
Ms. Elise Swanson will begin another term as a board member of the San Pedro Peninsula Chamber of Commerce.
This means she will stay on, probably as Vice President, of the new company and team being assembled to resume building plans for Ponte Vista at San Pedro.
I think this is a good thing. Ms. Swanson certainly knows a great deal about Ponte Vista and she can offer to the new team opinions and histories about what has been happening and how to approach OUR community in much better ways than were observed during "The Bob Years".
The construction going on at Amalfitano's Bakery continues to have fits of on again, off again, work going on.
We say more kitchen parts going into the new bakery. The windows are still mostly covered with paper or plastic. One can peer in and see some display cabinets near the front.
Although I am long past being able to buy lots of goodies and eat them at one setting, I will do my best to enjoy one cookie per visit but not more than two visits per week.
I can still eat cake. Tiny and I mean tiny pieces are all that I allow myself.
After being inspired by a member of the Rudderless Steering Committee of R Neighborhoods Are 1 as I watched his amazing weight loss and exercise choices, I finally went ahead and made the change I have needed to make for a couple of decades.
Now, when I take up pen and keyboard to do battle with over development, I do it with a little more than 61 pounds less of me. Just think of the new energy I can put to dealing with any plans that are as outrageous as ones offered by a now bankrupt over developer.
I do expect that when the new team finally emerges do offer 'new' plans for Ponte Vista at San Pedro, the 1,395-unit number that was last considered will be the beginning point for future discussions and plans.
That is still far too many units for my support and it is quite a few too many to the most ardent supporters of keeping the current zoning at Ponte Vista at San Pedro.
I am not holding my breath waiting until the new team makes a move, and neither should you.
It still may take more months, but I think something is coming, because......
New building is underway at 360 in Hawthorne, Ca.
360 was an ambitious construction project that was started on portions of the old Los Angeles Air Force Base on the south side of El Segundo Blvd, a few years ago.
After two buildings of condos were completed and units there were being offered for sale, all sales stopped and the entire site went into a dormant state.
The two or more completed sat silent and empty almost in the middle of a very large area that was fenced off and closed to all.
Recently however, I noticed new construction at 360 on the corner of El Segundo and Aviation Blvds.
New multi-story housing units are framed and it appears that 360 is building again.
This could portend a sooner than unexpected reemergence of plans for Ponte Vista.
But as I wrote a little up on this post, don't hold your breath.

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