Friday, April 30, 2010

Odds and Ends 166

No sushi. No sashimi either.

Asaka Grill Express held its Grand Opening last Saturday.
I will publish a personal review after it has been open a couple of months because I don't feel a brand new restaurant should be reviewed before its legs are stronger and the kinks have been worked out.
While the drive thru window and the drive thru lane still exist, currently the drive thru is not open and the owner is still not certain if or when drive thru service will be provided.
The most expensive dinner on the menu is the Salmon Teriyaki at just $8.95.
Appetizers include a bowl of soy beans or sweet potato fries.
What I found very interesting
Terri and I ate at Asaka Grill Express on Monday evening and had a pleasant experience knowing the service and preparation would take a long time because it just opened.
The booths have very high backs and I am a short fellow and when I sat at a booth, my feet didn't make it all the way to the floor. This is the only local restaurant I know of where I can't put my feet on the floor when sitting at a booth.
I wanted to post the inside of the menu along with the covers. Unfortunately the image above was the last image my all-in-one scanned before it sent itself off to the great electronic beyond.
Luckily I now have something Terri has been bugging me about because I hadn't told her what I wanted for my birthday.
Darn it. I just bought a whole set of cartridges for it. In a pinch, I can use Terri's all-in-one when she is not writing, but I haven't done it yet for the menu. It looks like I gave Canon a chance and now I will head back to old reliable HP which I have a big printer for my PC and Terri has an HP all-in-one for her PC.
The middle of this week saw the parking lot of the new Denny's not completely packed during the times after lunchtime and between breakfast and lunchtime.
As a shock, when I drove by the lots yesterday morning at about 7:20 there were NO CAR in the north parking lot of Denny's and it had been open for an hour and 20 minutes.
If you are interested in the antics of Marymount or want to read stuff about the eastern portion of the city of Rancho Palos Verdes, please visit
No activity has been witnessed this whole week at the sites of Amalfitano's Bakery and Pavich's Pizza.
The Rancho Palos Verdes City Council will hold a public hearing on the proposed zoning changes for residences in the Eastview area.
City Staff recommended that the zoning on residential lots be changed from RS4 to RS5 to bring the neighborhoods in Eastview more in line with the other housing tracts in the city.
This change will mandate that whenever a homeowner wishes to remodel their dwelling, the side yard setbacks must fall in line with the rest of R.P.V. lost that call for a minimum total side yard setback of no less than 15 feet, with at least one setback being not less than 5 feet.
In my neighborhood of 215 lots, City Staff has recommended that variances would be granted because of the history, lot sizes, and because the original Western View Homes, now referred to in the changes as "Mira Vista" was the first tract of houses built in what would eventually be all of Rancho Palos Verdes.
There are plenty of lots in our neighborhood that are larger than many of the other lots in the city, mine included. But because of the 'special nature' and the fact that there are a number of lots in our tract that are smaller than 'normal' for R.P.V. lots I guess our houses get special consideration.
What probably won't find a variance is the fact that with any large remodel of single-family residential units within R.P.V. a two-vehicle garage is the standard and called for in the zoning.
Beginning tomorrow Saturday, the U.S. Census Bureau will start the canvasing of households where the resident did not return their Census Questionnaires in by mail as instructed.
Census workers will fan out to dwellings that have been noted to gather information about the residents who live in houses where no Census Questionnaires has been returned.
For this operation, the Census Enumerator will ask only 7 questions pertaining to each resident of that dwelling who stayed at the dwelling on April 1, 2010, Census Day.
This has been and will always be the largest operation for the Census.
California and especially areas in the Los Angeles Basin, along with San Bernardino and Riverside Counties received a lower than predicted number of returned Census Questionnaires.
If you receive a knock on your door, please allow the Census Enumerator to do their job and please answer the questions the Census Enumerator asks. It takes less time than filling out the original mailed Questionnaire, has fewer questions for each household member and help create the most accurate population information possible.
Answering the Census is mandated in Article One of the United States Constitution and it is the way the membership of the United States House or Representatives is determined.
Answering the Census can also mean more revenue, jobs, and improvements might come to your community and not answering the Census allows for being left out of projects and funds the community could certainly use.
I am not assigned in areas along the east side of The Hill nor am I assigned to anywhere in San Pedro.
Thank you to all who have already mailed in their questionnaires and thank you very much to those of you contacted between Saturday and by the end of July for helping this country have the most accurate Census count in history.
Now I bet you know that when there is no mention of Ponte Vista at San Pedro by this point in these "Odds and Ends" it means I have nothing new to report on the Project. But I keep my eyes and ears open.

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