Friday, June 04, 2010

Odds and Ends 171

Terri and I ate at Pavich's Brick Oven 'Pizzafe' or 'Pizzaeria' depending on whether you believe the outside signage or the menu.

First, we saw no 'brick' oven cooking any pizza. There is a large ceramic tile-covered oven that may be fired by natural gas and it the tile could be shielding the bricks from view.
The restaurant was very clean and customers could observe the preparation and baking operations by friendly workers.
Our cashier was correct-handed and I appreciate owners of businesses providing jobs for some of most oppressed people on the planet.
It appears that Pavich's Manager is fluent in Croatian, as I expected and she could be related to Mr. Pavich by marriage of by birth.
I really liked the price for my 12" 'personal' Italian sausage pizza. It is the type of pizza I use to judge the various fabulous restaurants in our community that serve pizzas. My pizza was just $6.99 plus tax.
Terri said her 'personal' vegetarian pizza was the best in town and probably this galaxy. Her pizza was $10.02 and it was more than filled with great vegetables.
I prefer the more expensive and smaller Italian sausage pizza from Z-Pizza on Western in the Albertson's shopping area.
Both restaurants serve very thin crust pizzas and that is the best for folks with diabetes and who are trying to lose weight.
The problem with having a 12" 'personal' pizza, I found, was that I ate five pieces in Pavich's because it was so good and I finished the rest of the slices several hours later.
Big mistake on my part. I hadn't had more than one piece of pizza in over three months. I guess I overdid the overenjoyment.
The menu at Pavich's offers pizzas on the obverse and three choices for entrees, sandwiches, and sides on the reverse.
Because Terri and I consider the original Pavich's Pizza near 22nd and Alma, we were very pleased with the quality at the new site. The tastes of the cheese and sauce was familiar and very enjoyable.
The menu states "Salad Menu Coming Soon" and I hope the salads come sooner than later.
Of Saladish, Pavich's, Asaka Grill Express, and Denny's, I prefer those four new restaurants in that order.
I hope to find much sooner than rather later, where I can place Amalfitano's Bakery in the order.

I again wish to share my appreciation and gratitude to Ms. Elise Swanson for allowing my friend Angela 'Romee' Romero access to the streets and the less-than-wildlife at Ponte Vista.
Angela's photos on her San Pedro Block by Block blog were wonderful and her post was informative.
I will probably write a post when I get time about the potential ramifications of the recently passed Resolutions concerning Marymount College.
But for now I am volunteering at Miraleste I.S. Library, working on the set for "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels" and trying to get on board with the T.S.A.

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