Friday, July 30, 2010

Odds and Ends 179

I guess I was too hopeful that last week's Odds and Ends would be the last before the opening of Amalfitano Bakery.
I have heard that it will be very soon though and it could even happen this weekend or perhaps this coming Monday.
Developments and projects still are having trouble all around, it seems and Ponte Vista at San Pedro is more the norm rather than the exception.
There remains continued thankfulness among many that the first phase was not begun and that the site was not occupied by renters and residents who lease units.
Terri and I hope all of you are having a fine and mild summer to this point. Every time it looks like the heat will be turned on and left on, the morning gloom comes back to help with our electric bills.
It may be amazing to some that summer will be over in about a month and 23+ days and then fall begins.
Whether there will be an extended period of very hot weather during the remainder of the summer is something we can ponder. If it comes, then we probably should be grateful that it came so late in the summer and remember the milder temps as we swelter on the north side of 9th Street, waiting for the fall Santa Ana winds and fires that are burning now and in the future.
It will be interesting to learn what the new Director of Los Angeles City Planning Department thinks about large developments in the city and particularly Ponte Vista.
I feel there is much we owe to the former Director in helping our community stave off over development through a time when such developments are grinding to a halt and many of them are become debris-strewn ghost areas.
We have lived with the blight at Ponte Vista and it still seems better to me to have it rather than a partially built settlement that has both completed structures and incomplete building.

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