Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Another Survey??? We Need Your Help

According to a reliable source, the folks at Bisno's Outreach are conducting another survey.

I would be greatly appreciated that if you receive a phone call and participate in the survey that you use ridiculous responses and send me an Email with the questions you are asked, so we know which "new" direction Bob and his bunch may be taking.

My Email address is

During a Los Angeles City Council meeting yesterday, I talked to an extremely reliable source concerning the Planning Departments struggles with comments generated for the Draft Environmental Impact Report and the responses to those comments by folks in the Bisno organization.

According to the source, the job of looking at all the comments and the responses to those comments made by members of the Bisno team, are not complete yet. This is the reason that the Planning Department has not been able to publish what it feels Bob can successfully build at the Ponte Vista site.

I think waiting patiently and not worrying about the comments and the responses to the comments will help all of us to better deal with whatever the Planning Department speculates on what could and/or should be built at Ponte Vista.

I still have no information as to whether Bob's personal house was sold at a foreclosure auction that was scheduled for April 29. If a reliable individual in the Outreach Team wishes to provide me with information, I would publish it. There are actually members of the Outreach Team that can be believed, some of the time.

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