Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Victory Over a Weapon of Mass Development!

The following is an announcement and press release that signals a great victory over a developer and his small, but very harmful weapon of mass development.

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Please find below this message and attached to this e-mail a press release with an update on the zoning designation of the site where McCowan's Market was located.

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LOS ANGELES, CA—The Los Angeles City Council today unanimously approved a request by Councilwoman Janice Hahn to preserve the single family neighborhood located near the former McCowan’s Market in San Pedro. McCowan’s Market was purchased recently by a developer. The developer closed down the long-time market and proposed building multiple units at the site, which is located in a single family neighborhood.

“McCowans Market was a piece of the community fabric of San Pedro and it’s a shame that it is gone,” said Councilwoman Hahn. “I agree with local residents that condos or apartments just does not fit with the character of the community.”

To address the concerns of the neighbors, Councilwoman Hahn called for the preservation of the neighborhood, asking the City of Los Angeles’ Planning Department to implement a “Q” Condition on the property. The condition would keep the owner from building anything except single family homes on each of the parcel where the market and its parking lot once stood. The Planning Department supported the “Q” Condition and on March 18 more than 200 people testified at the Harbor Area Planning Commission (HAPC) to support the recommendation. The HAPC voted 4-0 in favor. Today, the City Council approved the recommendation.

“I received more than 175 letters and 100 phone calls and e-mails supporting the “Q” condition,” said Councilwoman Hahn. “I did not receive one constituent request for greater density in this neighborhood."

It is quite true that stopping 18-23 condominiums from being built in an area of almost all single-family detached homes is nowhere as big as Bob's huge weapon of mass development.

What it might signal though, is a new found strength and determination by members of OUR community that we can use elected officials over greedy developers and members of OUR community can stand up for what they know is the best for OUR community.

Was this vote a possible warning to Bob? I don't really think so. What it does also show is that members of OUR community can work together to accomplish at least one task that may have been considered impossible by too many individuals, just a short time ago.

Bob has enough problems with Santa Ana, Baldwin Park, and especially here in the San Pedro area. Maybe he needs to rethink his goals for the developments he seeks to over develop. Maybe he needs to scale back all of his adventures in mass over development and find ways to work with current residents and lawmakers and not against the will of the people.

R Neighborhoods Are 1 considers the victory gained at the McCowan's redevelopment site as a good stepping stone to work even harder to make sure that the Ponte Vista development, whatever the people can make it, will be successful for all the residents in OUR community, especially the current ones.

Oh. I still have no information about the possible foreclosure sale that may or may not have happened today on Bob's house in Beverly Park.

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