Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Odds and Ends 58.5

I am having surgery on my lip later this week, so I need to post an Odds and Ends now.

David Shinder, Bob's traffic engineer has issued a plan to have all the traffic within the project on one-way streets.

Mr. Shinder apparently believes that it would be best to have all traffic flowing in the same direction to allow for easier access to the gates along Western Avenue and Gaffey.

It appears that Bob has decided to plant Jacaranda trees along the streets inside Ponte Vista. it seems he loves the flowers on the trees and that the oily residue those leaves leave, will encourage residents to park in their assigned stalls, when the project is built.

It now seems that the commercial portion of the project will be built in the first phase of development and not in the last phase, as the Draft Environmental Impact Report states.

Having the new small store/eatery/laundry built with the first units will allow residents to learn to use them more than venturing out to nearby businesses, outside the project's perimeter.

Bob will build at least one-single-family house at Ponte Vista where he will live with his family after his house in Beverly Park North is auctioned off on April 29.

In fact, Bob's attorneys' have requested that permits to build the new house be granted ASAP.

Until such time a new house is built for Bob and his family, a new trailer or "manufactured house" will be placed near the existing offices on the site, where Bob and his family will live.

Some folks at the Planning Department are so frustrated with how things are going, information is beginning to leak out, like a sieve.

Already I have learned that the Planning Department will strongly suggest that the buildings at the project will:

Be various tones of the color yellow.

Have murals painted on each one of them depicting different areas of California.

Contain multi-colored window so that reflections coming off the units will provide a "rainbow of color" to passing motorists on Western and Gaffey.

Use waterfalls coming off the tallest buildings and flowing into streams sizable enough for fishing, to continue the positive patterns of nature within the development.

Use loudspeakers throughout the outdoor and indoor areas featuring subtle mood music which encourages residents to stay in their homes and not venture too far from the complex.

Offer the services of Green Hills Mortuary via a tunnel from the Memorial Park to the center of the Senior section of the project.

There are other "amenities" that I can't confirm at this point, so I won't list them here.

Just one more thing, though:


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Anonymous said...

Nice job! Keep up the great work!

P.S. I work at SPHS and I wanted to leave a FYI that I believe our school is crowded with over 3000+ students. 10 years or so ago we were at or near 22-2300+ and the vibe on campus was probably a little more calmer and more conducive for achievement. I wanted to give this information out because I believe another HS will be needed at some point in our area[I live here too]. It's not about class size but the actual dynamics of passing periods, nutrition, lunch, etc... As a citizen/taxpayer I believe I see the big picture of our society and the need for education for the young. I hope we all don't get too NIMBY. We need to figure out a safe, reasonable way to address this current/future issue of OUR community. All the best and have a great day!