Sunday, April 27, 2008

Rent To Own, and Other Funnies

I've been out of the picture concerning driving along Sepulveda at Arlington for the past several weeks, but I saw something interesting, just today.

The senior condos development, in front of the non-age restricted condo development where a prominent Ponte Vista Outreach Team member lives, has gone "Rent to Own."

It seems now that even seniors can rent one of the "condos", so that means they are more like apartments.

With so many other developments becoming lease-to-own or rent to own, how can Bob claim that all of the units he wants to build at Ponte Vista won't be lease to own or rent to own.

Bob has even found a supporter in Ms. Rachel Viramontes and her mother, who grace the back page of the current Random Lengths News.

It seems Ms. Viramontes states as fact that "Ponte Vista is good for seniors." Well, Ms. Viramontes must be contacted because she knows all about the future. Perhaps she knows who the next President of the United States will be.

Since Ms. Viramontes knows what Ponte Vista will be like, maybe she also knows the outcome of the lawsuit she filed, concerning the storm drain issue.

O.K., I'm being mean. We all know that no human alive today, or any human who has lived on this planet during any time in the prior 1-1/2 billion years, knows what is going to be at Ponte Vista.

But if we all believe that "Ponte Vista is good for seniors" or as another person stated, "Bob Bisno is going to save San Pedro" then I still have my acre of Moon that I haven't unloaded yet, and have I got a deal for you!

It's also good to read the fiction, now back with a full page spread in the Random Lengths News.

Again we get to read how Bob is going to fund the synchronization of traffic signals that will actually be completed before anything is built at Ponte Vista AND it is all being funded by us and not by Bob.

I am fairly pleased that the humor which is usually demonstrated by members of the Outreach Team at Ponte Vista, has not gone away.

April 29 is just two short days from today. If I remember correctly, that is the date Bob's personal house was set to be auctioned off at a sheriff's sale, because of a default on a loan.

I'm not holding my breath to see if the house actually is sold because I am fairly confident that Bob can get around just about any legal issue and come up smelling like the former ping-pong, oops, I mean table tennis champion he was.

Come on folks, where in the world can you find someone who wants to use a City government's right of eminent domain to condemn businesses and residences and then send out the notices only in English to a group of owners who are predominately Spanish speaking and reading?

It's a hoot, too, that this same fellow wants to build a very tall condominium tower in Santa Ana for upper-middle class residents who probably would not shop locally in that area because of the types of businesses there cater to a population that they serve quite well, already.

Now add to this, a person who tells all of us that he knows better what is good for us than we do, all the while not willing to live in the area he is attempting to change.

Come on folks, somebody out there has got a great novel in them just demanding to be written. The hard part is that probably nobody would believe any of it could possibly happen.

So, thank you Bob and the Ponte Vista Outreach Team. You have made my recovery more funny than you know. Please keep up your humor.

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