Saturday, April 12, 2008

Odds and Ends 60

Sorry for being tardy with this post, but I was busy yesterday, after being "Paroled" from Torrance Medical Center and Transitional Care Unit, and "Parole Officer" Terri, kept me on a very short leash as far as the Internet goes.

I received a 'gift' from the Planning Department, that 'gift' being no real news to report from them about what they feel could and should be built at the Ponte Vista at San Pedro site.

In the future, but probably before build out of whatever is going to be built at Ponte Vista, the L.A. County Sanitation District's Clearwater Water program ( )will be well under consideration and study.

This program would be to construct a third tunnel and piping system for clean water to pass from the sewage treatment plant to the Pacific Ocean.

One of the largest debate items for the project is where the access shaft for the drilling equipment and other needs will be sunk and maintained for the duration (8 years) for the construction of the tunnel.

It may come to pass that all the entitlements needed to build whatever is going to be built at Ponte Vista will be granted and dealt with long before any traffic study for the Clearwater Program is conducted.

One concern that should probably become home in the very backs of our minds is that the Sanitation District owns the property where Eastview Park now sits on Westmont, near Western Avenue and behind All Pets.

If proponents and opponents to Bob's current plans for Ponte Vista wish to not have the shaft where Eastview Park is now located, then this is a point we all can join together on as we did with the large high school project that was planned for part of the Ponte Vista site.

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