Friday, October 03, 2008

Odds and Ends 85

A Web site affiliated with support for Bob's plans at Ponte Vista still contains wording and a photo attempting to state that ILWU Local 13 supports Bob's plans.

There is a fellow identified as "Dave" on the site and in the body of a post, it states that the Union supports Bob's Ponte Vista.

I guess the Web master or Web mistress is not yet willing or able to remove something that is simply untrue, on that site.

I don't think I need to post the letter from the ILWU again, illustrating that the Union does not support Bob's plans for Ponte Vista.

Our Marie Callender's remains temporarily closed while it is undergoing renovation.

I have been out of the informational loop lately concerning Ponte Vista issues but I am getting back on track.

This post is number 602 since I started this blog in September, 2006.

Thank you to the many thousands of visitors to this blog.

Unless something radical happens next week, I will be 'separated' from AT&T.

Since I became restricted from climbing poles and AT&T failed to find me a position during a job search period, it looks like I will find myself dealing with retirement from the companies that finally became AT&T, after almost 28 years of employment.

Maybe I'll have even more time to deal with Ponte Vista, but I hope to find a real job sooner than later.

Perhaps I may start a book about my experiences working in some amazing places and being close to so many 'celebrities', business people and environments, heads of states, and many of the places I worked at.


Anonymous said...


do you know when san pedro will be upgraded to fiber optic lines? i mean AT&T's network.

M Richards said...

Good Question.

I have been on short-term disability then fully mazimized disability since Spring, 2007 so I haven't been privy to news from the company.

"U-Verse" is the AT&T product that will bring fiber to a neighborhood box, then copper to the residence or business.

"fios" is the Verizon product that brings fiber to the premise.

"U-Verse" is coming out and getting towards the area, but it isn't here yet and the fellow I talked to while he was working at a green neighborhood box, said he didn't know when "U-Verse" would be coming to our neighborhoods.