Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Political Endorsement Specifically Relating to Ponte Vista

On ballots within the specific area, there is a race for a member of Division 2 or the Water Replenishment District of Southern California.

The two candidates are Robert E. (Rob) Katherman, listed as "Director, Water Replenishment Dist. of Southern California" and Pete Manghera, listed as "Teacher/Athletic Director".

Water and the ability to supply water to more developments is of great concern. The ability to allow large developments to be constructed in our particular area when there is already not enough water to go around is of great concern to many people.

Pete Manghera opposes the construction of Ponte Vista at San Pedro, using Bob Bisno's current plans because he believes there is not enough evidence to suggest that a project of that size can be built and not have a detrimental effect on water resources for all of us.

There is some evidence to suggest that Robert Katherman worked as a lobbyist trying to get water to at least one project he supported, but it is not Ponte Vista.

Pete Manghera has been officially endorsed for a seat on the Board of Directors of Division 2 of the Water Replenishment District of Southern California by the Southern California Chapter of the Democratic Party.

Pete strongly believes we must protect our dwindling water resources by not allowing large developments being constructed in areas where water is becoming more precious.

Pete Manghera strongly opposes the placement of the Outfall System access for the Sanitation District's new tunnel in a residential area. He feels the access must be constructed on Terminal Island.

Pete considers saving water for current residents and businesses is more important than having Ponte Vista built as Bob Bisno wants it built.

To be honest, I have known Pete for over 35 years, have appeared on his television show, "Pete's Place" (Bob Bisno has been on it, too.), and talk with him from time to time at various events all around OUR community.

Pete is a Social Studies teacher at San Pedro High School, coaches the J.V. Football team there, and works with the recreation program at the high school on Sundays.

I endorse Pete Manghera for a seat on the Board of Directors, Division 2, of the Water Replenishment District of Southern California.

The office is non-partisan and I do not know or care about the political parties either of the candidates belong to because it should not matter in this particular race.

Pete is very dedicated to the causes and issues he supports and he has volunteered to help youth sports for over a generation.

Please vote for Mr. Pete Manghera and allow him to help deal with the water issues facing Southern California.


mellonhead said...

For me this info about Pete M. comes about 3 days too late. I know who Rob Katherman is because he was the chairman of the 1998 San Pedro Reuse Committee. I didn't have the foggyist who Pete M. was so I googled and googled his name for not much info. He didn't have a statement in the ballot pamphlet either. Rob by his chairmanship of the Reuse Committee has already gone on record as supporting R-1 zoning at the San Pedo Site (Ponte Vista). BTW Mr and Mrs Mellonhead's absentee ballots went in Friday with 2 votes marked for Rob.

M Richards said...

Thanks again, mellonhead.

It appears that whichever candidate wins, they both oppose Bob's plans and support R1 at Ponte Vista.

That means we may have a win-win situation concerning the Ponte Vista issue with either candidate.

M Richards said...
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M Richards said...

"Shemp53" authored a comment that was definitely slanderous and did not identify themself to avoid any legal consequences of the allegation.

However, I did post that person's edited comments on one of my blogs that I use for disgusting comments that should not be read by anyone, in my opinion.

So "Shemp53", a portion of your comments are posted in a blog, I fulfilled my bargain.

Please don't be so ignorant in the future to expose me, you, or anyone else to possible legal action.

You should know better than that.

Or perhaps your high school education was not what it should have been.