Friday, October 31, 2008

Odds and Ends 89

No news begins this post. I still have nothing to report on a letter sent to L.A. City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo concerning possible conflicts of interest by members of the Harbor Area Planning Commission, as it regards Ponte Vista at San Pedro.

One Commission member was contacted by an individual who suggested that the member inquire on their own behalf whether the City Attorney considers that member's position in an organization that received funds from Mr. Bisno's Bisno Development Co, LLC, constituted a potential conflict of interest.

I think people on all sides of the issues are planning on attending the Harbor Area Planning Commission meeting in November, with some folks hoping the meeting is canceled beforehand.

R Neighborhoods Are 1 has joined in a lawsuit against the city of Los Angeles. The lawsuit was brought about by a group called "The LaBrea Coalition" and it seeks to require the City to follow existing laws it has not followed for about eleven years now.

The City is required by law to update its General Plan every year, but has not done so since 1997.

The General Plan includes provisions about growth in the City and how much development should occur as a percentage, each year.

Since the General Plan has not been updated, as required by law, many developments have been approved for construction that may have increased the growth of the City by more than the percentage allows for.

Since the laws and guidelines have not been followed, neither have the necessary studies to determine whether new traffic and infrastructure requirements fall into what can actually be reasonably dealt with.

The judge who will hear the case has been selected, lawyers representing the Coalition and all the groups that have signed on have met with the group, and the lawsuit is moving forward.

It is not known at this time whether the Plaintiffs in the lawsuit will ask for an injunction to stop the Los Angeles City Planning Departments from allowing developments to continue going forward while the lawsuit is going through the court system.

Why might this be important to Ponte Vista at San Pedro?

If it turns out that the City has violated the law and must produce a new General Plan, it may cause developments like Ponte Vista from going forward until it is determined whether large developments would put too much strain on the City's infrastructure, traffic, and other elements. ______________________________________________

A blog or Web site produced by folks at Ponte Vista is tauting ideas and promises that Ponte Vista will be a 'green' development and have "LEEDS" certification.

For all of us, it would be beneficial to have Ponte Vista built using 'green' techniques and having "LEEDS" certification. It also may become mandatory due to new laws recently enacted within the City of Los Angeles to build developments with such amenities.

Since absolutely NOTHING has been legally approved of to build on the 61.53 acre site, I need to remind everyone that whatever comes out of Ponte Vista's Outreach Team or Development Company is still things like promises, hope fors, wishes, and proclamations.

Every time you read the word "will" on any document or site supporting Bob's current plans for Ponte Vista at this time, you should all replace that word with "might".

Since Eastview Little League is again in the picture for having fields at Ponte Vista IF Bob gets what he wants, it should be noted that there is an upcoming meeting concerning the space Eastview Little League is currently using.

Please visit: or to find out more information about a meeting concerning Knoll Hill
I am now wondering who is "I"?

On a blog supporting Ponte Vista, by someone working for Ponte Vista and/or its Outreach Team, the post begins with the blogger identification as "I".

There is nowhere on the blog's page where I can find out who "I" is. Why won't they identify themself?

We have all read items from folks who wish to remain anonymous, for some reason. It doesn't seem to be a good idea to put for information without even identifying the 'Blogmaster' or 'Blogmistress'. Where is there any credibility in reading something who won't even provide any type of identification?

The name of the blog suggests that Ponte Vista is mine or belongs to persons other than Bob Bisno. Or maybe that blog is meant solely for Mr. Bisno's reading, but I highly doubt that.

The actual post where "I" is not even identified is about zero uses of water to do landscaping.

Since there has been nothing written from the folks at Ponte Vista suggesting they are going to use 'gray water' or replenished water in their landscaping efforts, even when they claim the 61.53 acre site will have "40%" worth of open spaces.

If 24.612 acres are left as 'open space' and much of that is landscaped, water must be used for keep the plants alive. 36.918 acres will be used for buildings having residents and guests using all kinds of water in their daily lives.

I am glad that "I" is informing folks that there is a water problem in our area. Perhaps "I" will acknowledge that building such a large project in the local area will cause more water needs for the local area, too.

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