Friday, October 24, 2008

Odds and Ends 88

Here is some information about the synchronization of traffic signals in much of the local area.

ATSAC schedule for San Pedro.

Here is the latest information I have received:

Design is about 65% complete.

Design should be completed by January 1, 2009.

Bid and Award will be between January and March, 2009.

Construction will be between April 2009 and April 2010.

The information came from the offices of Councilwoman Janice Hahn from a request made by an individual.

As the discussions continue concerning a new high school campus in San Pedro, it should be noted that there are still individuals who are showing support to build South Region High School #15 on the Ponte Vista at San Pedro site.

Really, there is no chance that the particular Proposed Project would actually be built at Ponte Vista, but it is part of the Alternatives selected for study by the Los Angeles Unified School District.

The prospect to build South Region High School #14 on the Ponte Vista site is also just about nil.

However, that Proposed Project is still technically 'on the books' for construction at Ponte Vista, but it will never happen there.

Documents dealing with Measure Q, the SEVEN BILLION DOLLAR school bond measure on the Novemer 4 ballot include wording that seems to indicate if the bond passes, a new campus built to relieve crowding at Narbonne High School would come back into real consideration.

In May, 2007, the LAUSD School Board changed their proposal for South Region High School #14 to become a 810-seat high school campus on between "6-8" acres of land on the site of Ponte Vista.

In December, 2007 those plans were placed in 'mothball' status because LAUSD claimed that Narbonne High School no longer needed a new campus in that area and that funds to go forward with the project were not available.

The Golden State Pops Orchestra begins a new season of concerts on Saturday October 25 with its annual Halloween concert.

We love the concert season and it is a really great gathering spot for supporters and opponents of Bob's current plans for Ponte Vista to get together, enjoy a wonderful concert, really enjoy talking with each other WITHOUT dealing with Ponte Vista, and having a good evening.

Please Bookmark: for information about the new season of concerts.

R Neighborhoods Are1 has retained Chatten-Brown & Carstens, an experienced environmental law firm, to help prepare our response to the Planning Department recommendation. Their experience includes previously litigation against this developer. The involvement of an attorney at this point is vital because what can be argued later is limited by what is presented to the Planning Commission now.

I am glad that we are now able to let folks know that the group has hired legal representation. I have wanted to let folks know that we have some fairly high-powered 'guns' available to those who oppose Bob's current plans.

There are other people who have been involved in issues that we choose not to identify, but now that we can publicize the fact that we have at least one lawyer on our side that has been involved with issues related to Bob Bisno, and that the lawyer has been victorious, I think those of you who have wanted to know more about R Neighborhoods Are 1's Steering Committee's actions, will find this information useful.

Thanks to everyone who has already help fund this cause, but additional contributions are still needed to help pay the attorneys' fees.

You can donate to the cause by sending a check payable to:

“R Neighborhoods Are 1" to:

R Neighborhoods Are 1
1840 S. Gaffey St. #316
San Pedro CA 90731-5361

Please note on the check that it is for the legal defense fund. We are keeping track of donations. If there are funds remaining after all the legal work is completed, we may be able to return some portion to the donors.

Volunteer to help get the word out. We are developing a list of individuals who will help get the word out in their respective neighborhoods.
Please e-mail us at with your contact information if you are willing to help.

Check for the latest information.


Anonymous said...

The Full Disclosure presents, Where Did Bond Money Go?"

The Los Angeles Unified School District's (LAUSD) $20 Billion dollar school-bond financed construction program, the most expansive in the nation, and in L.A.

Sunday On Cable TV.

Oct. 26th, Sunday 8-9 p.m. Part 1-2
Oct. 27th, Monday 4-5 p.m. Part 1-2

Featured in these latest two segments of an on-going series on the school are:

David L. Brewer, LAUSD Superintendent

Monica Garcia, Pres LAUSD Board of Education

Yolie Flores Aguilar, Member LAUSD
Scott Wildman, Chair, CA Legislative Audit Cmtt.

Kaye Kilburn, MD, Keck USC School of Medicine

Anthony Patchett, Head DA Investigation

Guy Mahula, LAUSD Chief Facilities Executive

Ed Reyes, Los Angeles City Councilman

Scott Braxton, Principal Roybal High School

Scott Folsom,LAUSD Bond Oversight Committee,

Caprice Young, former LAUSD Board President

Patricia McPherson, Pres. Grassroots Coalition

Manny Maldana, Community Activist, Candidate

George Buzzetti, Community Activist

M Richards said...

Thanks anonymous 12:55 AM

I don't think I get the channel on my cable, but I may look for the program.

I would have thought the title of the program is "Where Did Bond MONIES Go?"

Anonymous 12:55 AM knows that there has been more than one bond passed by voters.

With our history of passing bonds for LAUSD, Measure Q may pass, like the others have passed.

If the new bond does pass, there are now more groups who are organized and will be looking hard at how the money is handled, spent, and accounted for.

Groups like NOISE and the folks in Echo Park, along with groups like the one opposed to the K-8 school being built in Wilmington, will hopefully look into oversight that LAUSD continues to claim it does, with the previous bond MONIES.

Anonymous said...

If Measure Q passes we can thank our legislators who changed the threshold for school bonds from two-third votes (66%) to a simple minority, 55%.