Wednesday, October 08, 2008


My cart outside Target after my first experience in the San Pedro store.

Once upon a time, no that long ago, back in the day, in the past history of OUR community, there was no Target Store open in San Pedro.

At 8:00 AM this morning, all that changed.

This was one change a whole lot of members of OUR community were waiting for, even though there was no real crowd in the store during my time there.

I arrived about 9:45 AM and found all the employees greeting me and ever other shopper and I greeted them back and acknowledged that I was happy they were there.

The parking lot looked to be less than 10% full, but I suspect that it was about the last time we would see that few number of vehicles in the lot during operating hours.

There didn't seem to be any 'hoop' or 'la' going, but that will surely change on Sunday October 12, at its 'Grand Opening'.

I checked on some prices and I wasn't all that impressed compared to the other Targets, K-Mart, and what I suspect would be at "The Evil Empire".

I was not pleased to find Coca-Cola 12-packs of cans going for $5.49 each and 2-Liter bottles of Coke products going for $1.25.

We all may need to shop for the best prices for food items at other stores in the area, but the 'extended grocery' section had food and drink items.

By the time I checked out at 10:15 AM the receipt totaled $66.90 for four bags of items.

The tax revenue my purchases provided to the city of Los Angeles totaled 23.9 cents, so I did help L.A. out.

The wait is over. No open Target Store in San Pedro is now relagated to the history books and memories. Change has occured in the community.

There were absolutely ZERO Eastview Little League protesters viewed around the outside of the store.

Eastview Little League officials had claimed they would boycott the store and put up pickets at the entrances, but nobody looked the least bit disturbed anywher near the site.

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