Friday, July 31, 2009

Odds and Ends 128

Another week goes by without much new news to consider relating to Ponte Vista.

So I swung to thinking about what I remember about a special event that happened in 2003 and to other times that ran from 2005 through just about the end of 2008.

Going through some saved papers, I cam across the program for the Centennial Celebration for San Pedro High School.

I opened that program and saw a number of names I was familiar with and saw a list that really brought back great memories and brought to mind what the future, back then, would include.

The list I read carefully contained the names of the volunteers who made up the organizing committee for the Centennial Celebration.

For those who don't know, the Celebration was one of the largest community events of 2003, it packed the hotel it was presented at, and I haven't heard of more than two or three individuals who had anything negative to say about the event....except for the crowding all over the site.

Anyway, when I looked at the list and remembered how the committee operated and who worked with who on the tremendously large tasks necessary to put on the Celebration, I was very pleased to see so many community members working so very hard together on a goal to bring OUR community together.

I was in charge of the Decade of the 70's room, if you remember that space. Each year's class was provided a "wall" they could decorate themselves. When all the "walls were put together, it presented a unified decade, together, with the walls holding other walls up.

The list I am referring to contains 27 names or members of OUR community who worked very well together and worked very hard and they very much produced the best results possible, I strongly believe.

It was one of the finest examples I have ever been involved with where members of OUR community stood together, worked hard, and got the job done.

But that was then and up until about December, 2008 we had some difficulties that brought much contention to just about all of us named on that Steering Committee.

There are names on the list who, like me, did not support Bob's plans during "The Bob Years".

There are also names of the same list of folks who supported Bob's plans during "The Bob Years" no matter what those plans were.

Reading the names on that list illustrated how far apart some folks who were very much together could become.

HOWEVER, "The Bob Years" are gone! I hope we can all come back in the spirit we all shared back in '03 to once again provide the best results to OUR community.

I remain hopeful that we can all move forward in this new and different environment that is not as challenging for us during "The Bob Years."

Gosh, we were all so together at one point. Then there was a far too long of a period we seemed to not get along. Now I hope we can find re connections that Bob worked to break up.

Don't you love the drive along Western between Avenida Aprenda and Carson, now that it has been resurfaced?

It will be a wonderful sight when all the painting and other things are finished.

Many folks lamented to me that Gaffey needed resurfacing, too. Well, have you driven along Gaffey between 5 Points and about Channel Street lately?

If you haven't I strongly recommend that you don't for a short spell. Gaffey has been all chewed up by what is called a planer and it is a rough ride these days.

But the planing means that Gaffey too, will have some needed resurfacing finished in several days to a couple of weeks.

I did it again. But this time for purely entertainment purposes, only. I have the time right now because I am retired and 'between jobs'

Thankfully, there has been no reason to create new posts that seem negative on my R1 blog.

I am procrastinating on doing a post on my Caveman Dairy blog about Cavemen attending High Teas. (I was stuck attending two this year and I participated in one in Canada some years back).

Nobody has been foul enough to warrant me having to place their comment on my secret never-should-read blog.

So, you are all welcome to take a gander at and see a great bunch of kids performing in San Pedro's Youthorizon's production of High School Musical 2.

But of course there are also other videos that my entertain you.

Whether you support the current plan for Ponte Vista or oppose it, we all are getting into the real meat of summer activities in the San Pedro area.

Taste in San Pedro, SBTS coming back, the TriArt Festival (Joe Caccavalla's hard works provides all of us with this event. Thanks, Joe), Hot Pedro Nites, and WOW can help all of us enjoy OUR community and let us head into fall and all the work that needs to be done to help provide the best results for OUR community regarding what Ponte Vista could look like.

I remain optimistic. I remain supportive of no more than 831 total units on the site. I remain hopeful that the folks at Ponte Vista and the Planning Department are willing to work with members of OUR community, seeking the best results for all of us.

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