Friday, July 17, 2009

Odds and Ends 126

If silence is golden with regards to Ponte Vista, just about everybody dealing with the project is very, very rich.

There aren't many new revealing facts to announce, but there are some things that continue to be interesting and can lead just about anyone to their own opinion about the near future.

This part should be attributed to me and only me. I have listened to a variety of folks and have observed things that are real and that are absent.

The Agenda for the August 13 Planning Commission Meeting where an update about the project may be given, has not be published on the Planning Department's Web site yet.

It is expected though that there will be just a verbal report provided about the progress or lack thereof regarding the progress towards readying a new EIR for the project.

I do not expect any bombshells from that report IF a report of progress is provided at all.

The report may be part of remarks provided by the Director of City Planning or a Supervisor working on the project within the Planning Department.

I know not what may be in any report.

Did you notice what is missing at many events and within programs for things all around San Pedro this summer?

Where are all the Ponte Vista advertisements?

The program for Shakespeare by the Sea does not contain any ad for Ponte Vista.

On Web sites for things like Music by the Sea and other summer activities, Ponte Vista has no advertising/marketing. is not operating as it did for several years.

The site, established in 2004 with a domain acquisition, lost its current serving contract on April 28, 2009 and is "Under Construction" or has not been assigned a new serving provider. still is operating and the last addition to it was June 5, 2009.
I could find nothing new to report from that site at 4:00 PM on Thursday.

I did speak with Ms. Elise Swanson, the Vice President for Public Affairs and the head of the Outreach Team.

The Outreach Team is intact and working towards coming out with new ideas and views.

There is a new landscape architect on board.

According to Ms. Swanson, we can expect to read and learn more about the progress beginning next week. That is the July 20 or after date Ms. Swanson told me about several weeks ago.

It looks like a greater outreach and community involvement situations will come forward in August and September, according to Ms. Swanson.

The trailer still has Outreach Team members working and I was given no impression that any rumor that the Outreach Team may go away in my talks with Ms. Swanson.

I didn't ask Ms. Swanson when she thought a new EIR could be ready for distribution. I don't think she would know that information at this time.

Perhaps we are actually in the dormant period for Ponte Vista that started just after April 9, 2009 and had only Mr. Oswald's interviews come to light and be accomplished.

No matter what eventually gets built at Ponte Vista, I hope everyone in OUR community wants the processes to move along at greater than a snail's pace.

It would be a very bad thing for us if we didn't get some kind of real resolution of this current project's workings.

Whether it is too many, too few, or just enough, without some kind of formal decisions by those in authority, that site and OUR community continues to be in limbo.

I do respect the concept that many want the project to remain in limbo. But pushing the project out without knowing more facts and ideas doesn't allow OUR community the input it must have.

I am sure Mr. Fentin, and the others in the funding stream of the project wish to get some resolutions understood before making more decisions.

The State Law dealing with density bonus will continue to come up whether anyone claims Ponte Vista will not be built with a density bonus, or not.

Mr. Fentin would probably not legally be able to sell off parcels or the whole site and not have the possibility of a density bonus from any new owners of the parcels or sites. I don't think he has legal standing to demand that of any new owners of any land at Ponte Vista.

I haven't observed any resurfacing work really being underway along Western between Avenida Aprenda and Carson Street.

I haven't been along Western near Carson for more than a week so I don't know if the work is being started on the north end of the Avenue or the south end.

I have had multiple reports that Amalfitano's Bakery is being brought to all of us by the same great folks from the old Ramona's Bakery.

If that is the case, then a frequent person who comments may once again enjoy some of the same great tastes that were provided from that legendary bakery on Pacific.

When I played for Eastview Little League, the smell coming out from DiCarlo's was almost too much for a starving kid who didn't eat dinner before his games.

I am not a bit nervous with the thought of having the wonderful aromas from a full service bakery wafting into our bedroom in the early hours of the morning. 

Maybe in early morning dreams I will be able to enjoy the tastes that diabetes now keeps me from fully enjoying.

It's a new business along Western Avenue that will be close enough for the Outreach Team members to be able to supply the trailer with great eats for themselves and guests.

In summary, the wheels may be turning very slowly at this time but according to Ms. Swanson, they are turning.

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