Saturday, July 25, 2009

Odds and Ends 127

For the very few number of you expecting to read this post yesterday, I apologize. I simply forgot that yesterday was Friday.

Big news continues to swirl around Pointe Vista and the tax residents are discussing that they may vote on themselves that would go towards that development.
If you read that last sentence and wondered if I wrote something incorrectly, I didn't.
Pointe Vista is at Lake Texoma in Texas. Its Web site is
and I feel it is worth a read to learn about a different development.
How do you like driving over the newly resurfaced Western Avenue? It was smooth driving from Avenida Aprenda all the way to Carson Street for Terri and I this morning.
You probably should know though that traveling over portions of Gaffey Street between Channel and Five Points may not provide the same feel as felt along the resurfaced portion of Western.
I have heard nothing from 'official' sources or members of the Outreach Team this week. I talked with some folks who haven't changed their opinions about what they want to see on the Ponte Vista site.
Ms. Elise Swanson, the Public Outreach Vice President for the Ponte Vista developement has taken on new responsibilities in helping the San Pedro Chamber of Commerce.
Ms. Swanson is very familiar with OUR community, gaining knowledge and experience while working in Coucilwoman Janice Hahn's office prior to Ms. Swanson joining the Ponte Vista team.
Every good bit of help working on goals and activities to strengthen San Pedro's downtown and waterfront areas gets a hail and hearty good luck from me and I do wish her well with her expanded opportunities in helping San Pedro.
Just for the record, the name "M Richards" appears in the directory of the Chamber as I was appointed to help Ray Buffer from The Relevant Stage Theatre Company with Chamber matters, when called upon.
Please have a wonderful week and we may meet somewhere at Point Fermin Park during Taste in San Pedro, if you attend.
Saturday brought news that the TIF for Pointe Vista was approved. Tax money to bring a private enterprise to an area is not new or even special to Texas.
Terranea Resort along the coast of the Palos Verdes peninsula received approval for a TOT Rebate. The tax incentive was provided because Terranea's developer stated dire conditions would occur, the hotel/resort would not open, and the Rebate would help secure further loans to keep Terranea open during these first few months of operation.
Pointe Vista's TIF includes tax subsidies for infrastructure improvements.
Ponte Vista developers are willing to provide infrastructure improvement funds and have not asked for a direct handout from L.A. taxpayers as far as I know.
It seems there is quite a lot more differences between the two developments, other than just one letter. 

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