Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Facts First, Opinions-I Certainly Have Them

Before you rush to scroll to the invitation to a reception honoring Councilwoman Janice Hahn, I'd like you to read these first bits.
Ms. Elise Swanson, the Vice President for Public Affairs for Ponte Vista told me that the Outreach Team would be announcing more on July 20.
www.yourpontevista.com has a new post that mentioned what happened more recently and what looks to be in store somewhere in the near future.
Some of that near future may occur in September or October as far as presenting the newest plans to OUR community.
The Ponte Vista Outreach Team and the developer were scheduled to make a presentation of their new plans to Councilwoman Janice Hahn at her office on July 28.
It was recently learned that the Ponte Vista group requested a one-week delay in presenting to Ms. Hahn, new plans.
According to my personal belief and after talking to several individuals, I am confident to state that since at least April 9, 2009 and continuing today, Councilwoman Janice Hahn stands by here current beliefs that the recommendations by the staff of the Planning Department should be followed and that she continues to oppose the construction of 1,395-units on the 61.53-acre site known as Ponte Vista at San Pedro. Ms. Hahn continues to believe that 1,395-units exceeds what can be successfully provided to the community at Ponte Vista.
The newest post on the one Web site currently working regarding Ponte Vista states that representatives from Ponte Vista will be presenting a report to members of the Los Angeles City Planning Commission at its August 13, 2009 meeting.
That may or may not occur. It has been and still is expected that a report about Ponte Vista will be given by representatives of the Planning Department.
There has been a request by some members of OUR community that meetings be conducted between the developers, representatives of the Planning Department and Ms. Hahn's office, and selected very knowledgeable members of R Neighborhoods Are 1 and its attorney to collectively discuss what is best for OUR community in terms of what can be successfully built at the Northwest San Pedro site.
Unfortunately I have to report that nothing leading up to such a process has been dealt with recently.
Now let's wonder the following and other things:

I guess you can probably figure out that I will not be attending the reception. Not only do I not have $500.00 to spend on another city's elected official's Officeholder Committee, my city already has at least 6 candidates for two seats up for grabs this November.
It is legal for supporters and representatives of Ponte Vista at San Pedro to hold a reception to help Ms. Hahn with her past campaign and any future campaign for elected office?
It most certainly is! Someday, somewhere in the future, campaign financing laws require that the names of individuals who attend the reception by paying $500.00 per person will need to be made available to the public.
Some of the names on Page 1 of the invitation are easily recognizable as staunch supporters of having 1,395-units built at Ponte Vista.
I have done some checking on the Internet regarding other names and businesses on the list but I can only offer what I feel is trustworthy to inform you about.
Sage Advisors and Niko Consulting share the same office address and they help folks get and stay elected. These two groups have helped others in their campaigns and nothing seems out of the ordinary or anything less than honorable. These groups work towards helping Ms. Hahn with campaigns.
You get to use your own opinion as to which office Ms. Hahn becomes a candidate for.
Many people feel Ms. Hahn is readying herself to run for L.A. County Supervisor. 
A year ago I talked to a staff member of Ms. Hahn and that person told me Ms. Hahn would like to be an L.A. County Supervisor like her much beloved and wonderful father was.
Other sources, including something in the Daily Breeze have suggested that Ms. Hahn may seek the seat in the House of Representatives now being kept warm by Jane Harman.
Whatever office Ms. Hahn has plans to go for require large amounts of money to run and win a successful campaign.
Here is the first sentence from the "About Us" page of a Web site associated with Mr. Ken Spiker, Jr.: "Formed in 1984, Ken Spiker And Associates, Inc. (KSA) is dedicated to facilitating the efforts of private enterprises and government agencies." 
http://kenspikerandassociates.com/about.html will allow you to make up your own mind about Mr. Spiker, and the company he works for, but it appears that he is part of a consulting firm.
What price influence? I believe in this particular case, the price is $500.00. Will that purchase closeness to one of Ms. Hahn's ears? If it doesn't, someone has wasted money, I feel.
Is the planned event legal, ethical, and moral? I believe it is and it is a common way folks who want something done they support are given the opportunity to get their message out loud and clear to the honoree.
But is it just plain wrong for Ms. Hahn to be a part of this event prior to the August 13 progress report to the Planning Commission and prior to the public disclosure of the revised plans?
As individuals, the answers to that question is yours.
I know R Neighborhoods Are 1 is unable to support a $500.00 per person reception honoring Ms. Hahn.
I doubt members of the various Advisory Boards for Ponte Vista could also produce an event like the one planned.
Do I think this is good timing on the part of Ponte Vista groups and poor timing for the rest of OUR community? Personally I feel that might not be in the best overall interest of Ms. Hahn to have such an event honoring her and aiding her "Officeholder Committee" at this particular time.
If new and greater support for the revised project is to be sought, I think it would be quite appropriate to have it AFTER the revised plans are fully disclosed to all of us.
It may appear that the folks at Ponte Vista are jumping the gun to get the greatest chance to move Ms. Hahn into their corner prior to the revelations of the revised plan.
Why can't the reception happen later this year after any and all open houses where all of us get to see the revised plans?
I hope Ms. Hahn and her staff understand the perception of the reception some in OUR community may soon have.

The number of folks I have talked to since April 9 who have opinions about Ponte Vista keeps growing.
The number of differing opinions also keeps growing.
Several individuals I have talked to seem to strongly feel that Credit Suisse will "flip" their interest in Ponte Vista when any entitlements are granted.
I believe this means that no matter what is approved of at the site, Credit Suisse will try toremove itself from the picture by selling its interests to another entity. 
To many with opinions, it has been repeatedly stated to me that whenever whatever entitlements are granted for the parcels, the Ponte Vista Partners Inc., LLC group will offer all the land for sale and get the most from selling the land rather than going through and actually building anything at all.
One reason I believe this may happen is that I have heard that the developer is unwilling to do any destruction or construction before entitlements are granted.
It appears that the developer will not offer any 'good faith' examples to OUR community by paying to extend the southbound left turn lane from Western Avenue onto S. John Montgomery Drive so drop offs and collections dealing with Mary Star High School would not impact other traffic on Western Avenue like it currently does when classes are held.
Another interesting offer from the California Conservation Corp was apparently rejected by the developer and team at Ponte Vista at San Pedro.
It seems that the C.C.C. wanted to have its workers do environmentally sound deconstruction of the vacated housing on the site. This would have removed some real blight in the area, I believe.
It also seems that the developer/equity team/Outreach Team is an was not willing to provide jobs at the site do offer OUR community the opportunity to learn more about and observe ways the environment can be protected during the processes of dismantling an old neighborhood in preparation for future work.

There are terrible mentions afoot dealing with Sacramento's wishes to pull back funds for ATSAC and other traffic mitigation measures This is not good and all of us, no matter what our opinions are concerning Ponte Vista should be concerned and ready to offer our opinions to decision makers in Sacramento.
Ponte Vista should not be expected to pay for the two different types of signal synchronization and control in the areas near the site. But they should fund traffic mitigation in our area because of the tremendous impact new traffic dealing with the site will have.

The great concern that SB1818, the density bonus law will impact what could be built at the site, no matter what anyone says, still exists.
Mr. Fentin can state whatever HE believes is true, but that doesn't make it the truth, according to existing laws.
This is scary given the many opinions that once entitlements are granted, Credit Suisse, DLJ Properties, and Ponte Vista Partners Inc., LLC will work hard to rid themselves of all interests at Ponte Vista at San Pedro.

Finally (THANKFULLY) it would be wonderful if we all can learn the truth as to who really holds title to the site.
I haven't found facts on the Internet to back up claims that Mr. Robert H. Bisno is no longer a part of the project.
I think it is important to OUR community that Bob is proved to be completely out of the pictures regarding anything dealing with the development.The move from BDC Ponte Vista Partners Inc., LLC to Ponte Vista Partners Inc., LLC still seems murky and it may take a title search to find out the most current facts.
If proof is not provided that Bob is completely and financially out of everything regarding Ponte Vista, perhaps "The Bob Years" still continue.


Anonymous said...

It appears Councilwoman Janice Hahn is exploiting people where individuals have to pay a set amount of money, $500.00, $1,000.00or $2,500.00. What if someone is willing to give $50.00 or $100.00? Is this person not worthy to attend the event?

What has Councilwoman Hahn accomplished during her two terms, eight years, or what does she plan to accomplish after her third term, 12 years?

Anonymous said...

Connect the dots....Denise Modrzejewski...Chris Modrzejewski...AEG Lobbyist....Michael Jackson Memorial....Janice Hahn...Screwed over taxpayers! You do the math.

M Richards said...

Thanks Anonymous 10:31 AM, I hope a real journalise who knows how to access information and ask better questions than I do will write an article in a newspaper or on another site.

I don't have knowledge about connectin Chris and Denise to the M.J. memorial. Do either one of them work for AEG?

Janice was completely wrong about the M.J. memorial fiasco.

In these very difficult times for L.A. and California, I think the Jackson Family and AEG should have footed all the bills and income and tax revenues generated because of the death and the memorial are funds that are needed.

Why can't we have both, the proper individuals paying for the memorial AND the income and revenues generated because of the memorial?

We certainly can use the money in L.A. and California.