Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Councilman Anthony Misetich Did a Good Thing.

I applaud and thank Councilman Anthony Misetich for withdrawing his name from the Ponte Vista Development Liaison, as the backup for Mayor Wolowicz.

Below is a portion of the minutes of the January 5, 2010 Rancho Palos Verdes City Council Meeting:

Councilman Misetich withdrew his name from the Ponte Vista Development Liaison assignment and stated that he would like to serve on a committee to address the Tarapaca Roadway Stabilization Project.

Councilman Stern withdrew his name from the West Basin Water Association assignment due to his inability to attend the meetings.

Mayor Wolowicz appointed Councilman Campbell and Councilman Misetich to the SBCCOG Transportation Committee.

I think Mayor Wolowicz also did a good job in naming Councilman Misetich to the SBCCOG Transportation Committee because he knows about traffic and transportation issues on the most traveled streets in our city, and especially Western Avenue.

I think Councilman Misetich is a good choice to work with the Tarapaca Roadway Stabilization Project because it is so connected with government in San Pedro which Mr. Misetich is keenly aware of and can work almost flawlessly with.

In February, we may all learn what the newest proposals are for the Ponte Vista at San Pedro Development. At that time I hope all council members and others in our community learn as much as they can and help assist the development staff and the residents of OUR community to find the best solution and bring the best possible housing types and numbers to northwest San Pedro.

As I have opined before, Councilman Misetich brings to our city a good deal of business relationships between our city and San Pedro and other local cities. I feel his knowledge and abilities to work with business relationships is a gift not seen on the council the way it will be now.

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