Friday, January 15, 2010

Odds and Ends 151

Since the is still the beginning of the new year, I thought it would be a good time for a review.
At this time, no zone changes have been approved to allow for new construction of any buildings outside of the current zoning of Ponte Vista at San Pedro.
The developers have every right to build residential structures according to the current zoning, which allows for single-family housing on lots of not less than 5,000 square feet in size.
However, it is very unlikely that the entire site would have those types of homes built on it.
No approval for any condominiums, 'patio homes', apartment buildings, or even retail space has been granted on the site.
I do expect that by the end of 2010, the zoning on at least part of the property will be changed to allow for new construction of multi-family dwellings. This will probably occur whether we like it or not.
However, depending on what the developer and Outreach Team formally apply to build, there could be litigation that could cause actual construction to be delayed or halted.
Robert H. Bisno is still out of the picture as far as I know and the new development team appears more reasonable and realistic than what we all suffered through during "The Bob Years".
It is also realistic to consider that newer plans for the project will be forthcoming in February and I hope they are respectful to OUR community and plans we can all truly consider and not fight too much over.
My contention remains that Ponte Vista at San Pedro should not have more than 831-units of housing because that is the number of units that would be equivalent to the housing at The Gardens. The Gardens has better transportation accesses than Ponte Vista's only outlet, Western Avenue.
I do not know if the entire Environmental Impact Report is being redistributed but I know there are sections that required new studies and review. I expect that the review process should match the review time allowed for the previous reports.
The Los Angeles City Council could eventually adopt ordinances which change the current zoning of the site and if the Mayor signs those ordinances into law, those are the instruments that would allow for new construction on the site, containing new zoning.
Now here is something I think we all should look for in the near future.
What might Ms. Hahn's position now be on new construction at Ponte Vista?
She is running as a Democrat for the statewide office of Lt. Governor and that means that she will have to mention her stance on new housing throughout the state.
Development of new housing is very important in this election year. I wonder if Ms. Hahn will call for new housing and housing sites with larger density to be able to offer new homes to the most number of people throughout the state.
How might that fly when considering Ponte Vista? I doubt that she can't say that she approves of greater housing opportunities for the masses yet call for keeping Ponte Vista at the lowest density possible, especially when it is in her district, or 'back yard' for that matter.
This will be interesting to watch and keep notes on. We all should remember what Ms. Hahn stated about what should be built at Ponte Vista in the past. Let us see if her words these days match what she said in earlier times.
And to review this particular matter, Ms. Janice Hahn is a politician with years of experience at that 'career'.

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