Friday, January 08, 2010

Odds and Ends 150

150 and counting. Thank you all for your viewing and your comments!
Asaka Grill will be opening soon in the former location of P'Skettie. I don't know yet what may go into the space next door to the new restaurant.
Amalfitano's Bakery and Pavich's Croatian BBQ Pizza should be opening this month or next so businesses are continuing to open and close along Western Avenue.
The Deli next to Azteca Restaurant didn't make it into 2010 and that is sad for many of us.
The server for seems to not be able to locate that site lately. This was seen before and may mean absolutely nothing. continues to be "Under Construction" and will probably remain that way for some time.
Is is just me or is the site of the sewage pumping station on Western becoming a permanent construction site? How many more years will we see the 'temporary' fencing around the site?
I looked up the "Clearwater Program" for the Los County Sanitation Districts and the Joint Outfall System that may come from the Carson plant to a new outfall in the Pacific Ocean and there seems to have been nothing updated in quite some time.
Perhaps it is yet another project placed on the back burner due to the economy.


Jim said...

This is more of a question than a comment, but does anyone know what is going on with the old San Pedro Rentals on Gaffey.

I'm not sure if they have rented any tools or equipment lately, but for years they have appeared to rent parking space for boats and RV's. During the last few months the vehicles in the yard have been slowly disappearing to the point where the yard is almost completly empty now.

Just wondering if the property has been sold or for sale, or if something else is planned for the site.

Anonymous said...

The former Planet Kids/Sizzler building is being renovated as a Denny's.

M Richards said...

Thanks Anonymouw 9:43 AM for your input.

If Denny's comes, it will mark its second try along Western.

It also means that a fourth restaurant will open along Western in 2010.

Pavich's Croatian BBQ Pizza
Saladwich at The Terraces
Asaka Grill next to Marie Calendar's

Is our economy growing strong enough to support four new eateries?

I read that Canetti's closed last month and that Papadakis Taverna will close either Jan 30 or 31. It doesn't continue to look good for downtown when new restaurants open along Western, but it is where the folks who can afford to eat out seem to live closer to.

The four new places mean more employment along Western and that is good.

Shucks, this is the year I am already starting to lose some weight by eating better and eating at home more.