Friday, January 22, 2010

Odds and Ends 152

The traffic counters were still around on Thursday. I don't know how many records will be used and for purpose this particular set of counts are being taken. It might be good to compare these most recent counts with counts taken over the period of time beginning in 2005. That year found the publication of the Western Avenue Task Force Study which predicted that traffic rates would be expected to grow at the rate of 1.0-1.1 percent per year until 2030.
Work continues on all five of the new restaurants and take out businesses along Western. There seems to be extensive work going on at the building designated to be the new Denny's.
I hope everyone keeps sharp eyes while driving or riding on Western Avenue in the coming days and weeks.
The recent rains have been very heavy and as so many of us remember, three storm drain conduits failed along Western Avenue.
Please watch for new and unexpected dips in the asphalt along with possible cracks appearing on the roadbed and sidewalks.
There were initially seven drainpipes placed under Western Avenue. Three have failed and that means four drainage conduits or pipes may collapse in the future.
The Torrance Planning Commission rejected a development of about 460 apartments and assisted living units that were planned for a parcel on Hawthorne Blvd.
The density of that project would be far greater than any density proposed for Ponte Vista at San Pedro.
It was interesting to note comments from folks and that they continue to be concerned about traffic congestion even along Hawthorne, which is at least three lanes along the stretch the project would have been built.
The area where the project was planned was very near the intersection of Torrance Blvd. and a row of restaurants was just to the west of the site.

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