Friday, March 05, 2010

Odds and Ends 158

With news about Marymount, I feel that it is not good news with respect to finding the best solutions for Ponte Vista at San Pedro.
I think the Marymount issues impede work that should eventually result in a reasonable, realistic, responsible, and respectful Ponte Vista project.
OUR community has worked hard with support or opposition for Ponte Vista and Marymount just seems to gum up the works at finding solutions.
This site contains the recent report concerning the Volunteers of America's housing site accessed via Palos Verdes Drive North.
VOA owns 76 housing units they are working on to open for homeless veterans and their families.
For the record, I support finding temporary homes for the temporary homeless veterans and others at the site. I am an honorably discharged veteran having served with pride in the U.S. Air Force.
It may require a new access point along Gaffey Street, not far from Five Points.
The lights continue to burn at Denny's, Amalfitano's Bakery, Asaka Grill, Saladish, and Pavich's Brick Oven Pizza during all of the construction that is going on.
Denny's is hiring and that is a good thing, isn't it?
I still think it is revolting that a certain public utility doesn't have the capacitance to find solutions at Amalfitano's Bakery. They are offering resistance during construction, as I have been informed.
Here is another list of ticket prices at Terrace Cinemas which took over the space once held by Regal Cinemas at The Terraces:
All shows prior to Noon are $5.00
All shows between Noon and 6:00 PM are $6.00
All shows after 6:00 PM are $9.00
EXCEPT for the following.
There are senior discounts available.
Every Tuesday and Thursday, no matter what time or which show, the ticket price is $4.00!
Concession stand pricing is more along the lines of other theatres and the lobby area is undergoing remodeling.
The staff at the theatre are all nice, but sometimes one has to leave a theatre and ask that a movie start closer to the time listed.
I wish good luck and good fortune to the folks at the theatre and good movie watching to all. I must however state that even $4.00 was far too much money to spend watching "Shutter Island", but that is just my opinion.
Additional comments prior to publication.
With the news about Marymount, I have been working the Email train well into the evening.
I am reading some frustration between a few residents of R.P.V. and San Pedro.
This is not good news and should stop immediately.
The addage that some peninsula residents want to dump their troubles in San Pedro is not without some merit, but it must stop now because it only does good for Marymount's Administration and supporters.
The concept that San Pedro's three Neighborhood Councils should support on-campus housing at Marymount is also quite a problem because many folks in those organizations haven't received the information that on-campus housing actually increases traffic congestion and vehicle trips in San Pedro.
If Marymount continues to push for on-campus housing, the added traffic may very well spell great differences in what supporters of Ponte Vista may want to see built on that site.
Once upon a time, Marymount College offered a four-year program and it failed.
Marymount came back as a two-year institution that is now probably facing failure because of the on-campus housing issue whether it becomes a four-year institution again.


Jim said...

One thing to think about is if Marymount does fail and closes up, what would happen to the land? My guess would be that the land would be sold to some developer who would try to build as many homes there as possible.

How many added car trips would new homes bring to the area?

M Richards said...

Thanks Jim, for your comments.

While new housing might come along, the whole site is not suitable for building on and there are many mitigation factors that would have to be overcome before a large number of houses are built on the site.

Also, being that the surrounding neighborhoods are established R1 zoned housing, it seems fair to consider that only single-family housing on lots of not less than 5,000 square feet would be considered for that site.

I can imagine that there could actually be a reduced number of daily vehicle trips due to the site changing from College or business uses to residential uses.

Also, for the forseeable future I doubt there is a developer around who would want to be engaged in developing the site for residential uses because of all the mitigation that would be required and the costs associated with that. New housing on that site might have to be priced so high as to be unprofitable for any developer.

Now if the College fails and the land is turned into parkspace and recreational fields, I'll be up front supporting that type of use.

Jim said...

Houses in the neighborhood near Marymount already sell for 1 million plus, so a developer would have no problem selling "new" expenseive home in the area.

As far as building parkspace and recreational fields, who is going to pay for that? That land is worth, I would guess, tens of millions of dollars. Marymount certainly isn't going to give it away.

M Richards said...

Thanks again, Jim.

If you and others haven't visited: please do.

I am doing most of my writing about Marymount on that blog and I have provided a number of links to information there.

The possibility of on-campus housing at Marymount, plus the moving forward by the VOA, all the while not being able to learn what may now be proposed for Ponte Vista put the residents of our area in the crosshairs of over development.

Ponte Vista is still the big thing. Other projects and the possibility that Seaport may eventually find itself completely rented or leased out, mean that everything may add up to a perfect storm of traffic congestion in our area.