Friday, March 26, 2010

Odds and Ends 161

The Terrace Cinemas continues the processes of its remodel.
The new seats have high backs and recline. The really big difference is there is much more space between the rows of seats.
I am now suspecting that ticket prices will rise once the remodel is finished as there are now fewer seats per theatre yet first run movies including 3D pictures are being shown with all digital projection.
The general thing I continue to hear from sources is the loud sound of silence concerning activities surrounding Ponte Vista at San Pedro. The exception is the sounds made by the goats being used as organic weed and grass control.
The progress towards the opening of Denny's is quite something to watch.
The parking lots got their stripes. There is lighting in the restaurant. The blinds are placed.
Asaka Grill also continues with progress towards opening.
At Saladish, we saw the place well lit and with clear windows allowing us to view what appears to be a buffet style setup.
Sadly, progress at Amalfitano's Bakery doesn't appear to be progressing as Terri and I had hoped. There are some better views of the interior of the bakery from outside.
If you are a registered voter residing in the city of Rancho Palos Verdes, you probably received a brochure about the Marymount Expansion Plan and the petition signature drive now underway.
For those of you who haven't read my, blog that has information about the plan, here is a sentence written on the second page of the four-color brochure that was paid for by Marymount College:
"We appreciate the deep support the people of Rancho Palos Verdes."
I guess even college types sometime have troubles proofing something they are spending many dollars on.
Please do not sign the petition.
We should be closer to the L. A. County Sanitation Districts providing a Draft Environmental Impact Report for the new Joint Outfall System that will have a major impact on the area where the large hole that system will need provided for the tunneling machine and dirt removal.
Of the 16 sites originally considered to be included in the D.E.I.R. for study, the humans who have offered an opinion about where the Outfall System construction site should be, 99% of them have stated they want it on Terminal Island.
Since the only area within the boundaries of San Pedro/Los Angeles that utilize the current outfall systems is the South Shores area, it would be a great imposition for the Sanitation Districts to chose anywhere other than Terminal Island for the site with regards to the San Pedro community.

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Zachary Isaacson said...

hey my name is zachary isaacson, im 19 years old and ive been desperately looking for a job for the past 6 or so months with no luck. i was wondering if you knew some way to contact asaka grill, i went to the restaurant and it says now hiring in the front but theres no call back number nor anyone around to give me one. Any help would greatly be appreciated thanks :]