Friday, March 19, 2010

Odds and Ends 160

With Marymount College's latest news, which I would consider more of a fiasco, there has been something very interesting with some conversations regarding the Ponte Vista site.
For about a week now, everyone I have talked to and many that have been writing back and forth suggest that Marymount and Ponte Vista's developers and administrators consider a land swap.
The thing that makes this interesting to me is that everyone seems to like that idea, not that it would ever happen.
Marymount College uses 25 acres of ocean-overlook land in a residential area of Rancho Palos Verdes.
Ponte Vista at San Pedro sits on 61.53 acres of land in San Pedro, but only about 49 acres of that property could be developed.
Another thing that is interesting to me is that everyone who is considering the concept of a land swap may be a good thing also have no problem with on-campus housing as Marymount College on the current site of Ponte Vista.
I have absolutely no problem with on-campus housing for Marymount College if it was located at the current Ponte Vista site.
So far I haven't heard or read anyone opposed to a land swap.
Again, there is probably not a snowball's chance in Satan's habitat that is would ever happen.
The Denny's main sign sits on its roof.
Asaka Grill looks to be closer to opening all the time.
Saladish has its windows unblocked and it looks like a salad buffet eatery. I haven't seen an 'OPEN' sign on it, but it sure looks close to offering meals.
I haven't been by Pavich's Brick Oven Pizza establishment lately, so I can't report any news about it.
Amalfitano's Bakery is, sadly, another matter. It appears that work has stopped and I knew there were some problems with a certain public utility.
Maybe if we all wish together that all the problems can be solved quickly, perhaps we will all get to enjoy Amalfitano's in the nearer future.
If you are reading this blog post and you are registered to vote in the city of Rancho Palos Verdes, please DO NOT sign the petition that may now be circulating dealing with the Marymount College Facilities Expansion Project.
Traffic will grow worse on Western as documented in the plan's Environmental Impact Report, no matter what the potential measure's supporters claim.
Taxpayers of the city of Rancho Palos Verdes would have to pay at least more of a portion with the November General Election if the potential initiative qualifies for the ballot.
Marymount College pays no taxes that end up with the city of Rancho Palos Verdes.
When supporters claim that "a minority of vocal neighbors" living close to the campus have caused may delays in the project, that is simply untrue.
In the 120 months since the project was initiated in 2000, actions and activities by Marymount's administration have cause as many as 83 months of delays, including the current seven month delay while the College sought to become a four-year institution.
Those "vocal neighbors" to the College have caused a portion of the delay. They are on the hook for delaying the project by ONE MONTH!
The city of Rancho Palos Verdes is the ONLY city on the peninsula, including San Pedro that has a College that offers on-campus housing for students.
The Salvation Army's Officers' Training College at Crestmount has housing for single students and housing on its campus for families who have one or more adults attending classes at that College.


Jim said...

What problems is the bakery having, and with which utility?

I would love to see a land swap,
as long as they didn't build anything over two stories at either location

M Richards said...

Thanks for the comments, Jim

One utility seems to be revolting and wanting more capacitance and the Amalfitano's are resisting somewhat.

It's not a gassy problem and nobody needs to phone anybody about a gassy problem.

Marymount doesn't seem to have any plans to add more that two stories at their current site, but since the campus is on a hill, some buildings will seem taller than others.