Friday, April 16, 2010

Odds and Ends 164

I don't have anything new to post directly concerning Ponte Vista at San Pedro.
The opening date for Asaka Grill is growing closer with the placement of the business' sign and the removal of paper from the windows.
It still looks like they will have a tough time finding parking spaces for their customers as the parking lots continue to fill up at meal times with cars whose drivers and passengers head into Denny's.
I think we have to admit that work towards the opening of Amalfitano's Bakery seems to have stopped. I haven't noticed any work being done in that space but I remain hopeful that the smell of fresh baked breads and other goodies visit the Western Plaza strip area at some point in the near future.
For the Rancho Palos Verdes readers and voters, the debate and disagreements about remodeling plans at Marymount College were kicked up more than a notch this week with more announcements about the formation of a group opposed to the proposed initiative that supporters of Marymount College is attempting to qualify for the November ballot.
Save Our City III or SOC III is being formed to oppose not The Marymount Plan per se, but the group opposes the initiative with its process and other facts that illustrate that having a private entity bring legislation to the voters when those voters charged the Rancho Palos Verdes City Council with doing those responsibilities, and authority they voted members of the Council having.
There is a claim that this particular proposed initiative could signal that, if it is passed by voters, it would allow other businesses and groups the consideration that they too could bring issues directly to voters rather than go through the City Council.
Rancho Palos Verdes was created to deal with the fear of rampant over development along the coastline by businesses who had only to get approval from Los County where approval of large developments was fairly easy and standard.
There is also the consideration that if this type of initiative passes it means that others like "The Donald" and folks representing the 'Your' event site might attempt to bypass city processes and approvals for more over development in the city.
For a matter of trivia, I am still trying to find out what housing tract was the original "East View" or "Eastview".
I know that the tract was built in the unincorporated portion of Los Angeles County so that lets out "The Highlands, San Pedro", "Westmont" "Channel Heights", and "Tarragona".
I can identify my tract, "Western View Homes" as it was the first tract of houses built between Western and Miraleste Drive/P.V. Drive East and it saw residents moving in by May, 1950. I even have a photograph on my East R.P.V. blog from May, 1950 with the accompanying News Pilot article.
I know that Mira Costa Terrace is either the second or third oldest tract of homes and it was commonly called "Caddington" long before Toscanini was built east of Western Avenue into the "Strathmore" area.
"Rolling Hills Riviera" is the largest tract of homes in the area and Mr. Ray Watt. built "Palo De Encino" just south of "RHR" during the time he was also developing Palo Del Amo Woods along Vermont toward Lomita/Torrance.
The approximately 60 homes of "Peninsula Verde" are the north easternmost tract of housing and it sits between Green Hills and Lomita.
This leaves the area that has Crestwood Street Elementary School as its largest single plot of land.
MacArthur, Noble View, Enrose, Bernice, Upland, Bayend, General, Fairhill, Trotwood, Wycliff (but only a tiny portion of it), and at least one other street make up that area that has homes similar to Mira Costa Terrace but also having some houses with single car garages just like 200 of the 215 houses originally built in the Western View Homes development.
So perhaps by a process of elimination, that area may have had its original name as East View or Eastview but I would love to find a photo of whatever tract was built with that name.
This Saturday night San Pedro's Golden States Pops Orchestra has a Broadway themed concert at the Warner Grand Theatre in San Pedro.
Little Fish Theatre opens "Tooth and Nail" tonight at their theatre located at 777 S. Centre Street, San Pedro.
Have a wonderful week and thank you so much for stopping by.

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