Thursday, April 01, 2010

Odds and Ends 161.5

A news conference has been scheduled for noon today where the new plan for Ponte Vista at San Pedro will be revealed.
That's right and you read it here first.
Bob Bisno is coming back with a new proposal that has apparently found support from L.A. Councilwoman Janice Hahn, who is running for Governor of the State of California.
And to top everything off, Bob secretely worked with LAUSD so that during the press conference everyone will learn that not only will there be condos at Ponte Vista, there will also be a new high school to relieve over crowding occurring at Narbonne High School.
Here are the details of Bob's new plans:
There will be 1,100 condo units placed around the Ponte Vista site on its north, west, and east sides.
Where the flat area of Ponte Vista is now and where we usually see the goats chomping on the weeds near the shopping center will be a 7,50-seat high school built to relieve over crowding at Narbonne High School.
The design of the buildings on the new school annex will be very similar to the condos and there will be color and style matching between the school buildings and the condos.
During the press conference, Bob will also introduce the people who will own and operate the commercial businesses that will be located in a park-like area adjacent to the school and the condos.
I have learned that there will be a convienence store, dry cleaners, coffee and donut stand, and possibly a gas station included at Ponte Vista.
Ms. Hahn will speak about how Bob's new plans will benefit everyone in the area and she will also demand that the Navy provide space for a new access to Gaffey Street for both Ponte Vista and Mary Star High School.
As more information becomes available, I will create new posts.
This post has just one more item.

April Fools!

Have a wonderful and fun day!


Anonymous said...

haha, you had me for a moment.

M Richards said...

Thank you very much!

Today is my favorite holiday and I did my 'gotcha' on Terri at 12:58 AM when I told her that the R.P.V. City Council had approved on-campus housing at Marymount over the objections of many and against the Staff Report.

I also told her it almost caused a riot by members of CCC/ME with one of them getting arrested for disrupting the proceedings.

Gosh, itsn't today a wonderful day?