Friday, June 25, 2010

Odds and Ends 174

Wednesday June 23, 2010.
Time: 4:55 PM
Party: Mark and Terry Wells
Place: Denny's Restaurant's door.
Occurance: As we strolled into the new Denny's I found just two guests, both sitting at a booth, in the entire dining area.
Terri and I were the third and fourth customers at 5:00 PM.
By the time we left, at about 5:25 PM, the 'huge mass of humanity', O.K., the family of four and one added couple were sitting at booths and the rest of the place was empty.
10 Customers at 5:00 PM on a weekday.
The lower half of the front windows at Amalfitano Bakery have a frosted look with etched-appearing on two of the pieces of glass.
There will be a very small area inside the Bakery where a few folks can sit and enjoy the fair, there.
I still don't have an opening date to post.
It's a coyote. It's natural. It's nature.
Get a llama and be done with it.
I feel the llama would arrive sooner if Councilwoman Hahn was offered a photo op with it as it joins the herd of goats and sheep.

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