Friday, June 18, 2010

What A Wonderful Sign

Hold on to your car keys, walking shoes, sweet tooth, and aroma senses, the Bakery hasn't opened yet!
But seeing the sign up for the first time brought happiness to Terri and I and we both stated we wanted to share the news with everyone.
I wish Mr. Anthony Amalfitano, his family, and all the employees of the new bakery, the best of openings and a strong and healthy life in the new location on Western Avenue at Trudie Drive.
Amalfitano Bakery is the last of the eateries I have been writing about for the longest time, to finally open.
I don't know an opening date for the new establishment. I hope to provide that news to the widest readership possible, when I learn the date.
I have no clue yet what my first 'treat' will be. After growing up eating delights from Ramona's Polly Ann's, Joseph's, and other bakeries in our community, picking a favorite treat I will allow myself to have is going to be a problem.
Carrot Cake? Chocolate Chip Cookies? (Now remember everyone, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE THAT CONTAINS NUTS!), One of the many bread products Ramona's was famous for? A brownie? (I can consider a brownie with nuts not being too foul)
I guess I'll have to decide once I gaze at the full display of great things.
As for my eating plan, I will make all the necessary changes that should allow me to have at least a small portion of anything I desire. Since I am closing in on a 70 pound weight loss, so far, I feel I am entitled to splurge, especially since Terri and I have waited so long to wake up to the smell of fresh bread baking only a small number of yards from our bedroom window.

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