Friday, June 18, 2010

Odds and Ends 173

For many folks, the cloud of selling off whatever entitlements Ponte Vista at San Pedro receives will be sold off rather than having the development constructed by a single development team as told to us, during "The Bob Years".
It seems we may be watching something somewhat similar unfold with "The Marymount Plan" and its initiative that would allow the constructions of two residence halls on the Palos Verdes Drive East campus and restrict, using a municipal code if approved by voters on November 2, 2010 that would essentially strip city government oversight of the bulk of their responsibility and rights to monitor, comment, and enforce elements of The Marymount Plan, both during the construction, implementation, and school operation, into the future.
As Bob Bisno was probably considering selling off the entitlements to others rather than actually developing Ponte Vista, so too may Dr. Michael Brophy, Marymount's President and other supporters of The Marymount Plan be considering the use of 'forward selling' of the rights and operations of all potential on-campus and off-campus college-owned student housing.
Dr. Brophy and others may also wish to forward sell all rights related to any or all public and private events and ventures to an entity that would manage, produce, administer, and market things like concerts, band camps, sporting events, and other things on the Marymount Campus.
Forward selling of residence halls operations and the administration and management of events and non-academic activities at Marymount could find a huge financial windfall coming to Marymount with very large checks that could conceivably, pay for the entire expansion plan, with more large donations from well-healed supporters.
I have offered some facts, assertions, and other opinions on my blog.
Along with the possibility of on-campus housing at Marymount College, no one living anywhere near Western Avenue and Palos Verdes Drive North should expect or consider that Marymount would abandon and/or sell their 300+ student off-campus housing site called Palos Verdes North, which is located between Western Avenue and Five Points, on Palos Verdes Drive North.
It is also not currently know and doubtful that Marymount would close and sell off its Pacific Heights student housing building near 24Th and Cabrillo, in San Pedro.
Naturally, Marymount could reap even more income by selling off that property. But representatives of Marymount have claimed, several times, that they would close down that site and they have not kept their word about that, repeatedly.
So, there MAY be coyotes searching for meals at Ponte Vista. Isn't that something that is natural?
I do like the idea of placing at least one llama on the site to protect the goats and sheep.
There was a period of time, while my sister and her family lived where we now live, that she wanted a llama in the back yard to increase her 'zoo' which included two goats, cats, a dog, ducks, and a Vietnamese pot-bellied pig which had the waddle of the house and slept in her own 'bed' in the master bedroom.
I hope you are sitting down as you read this: The fencing surrounding the construction site along Western Avenue near Avenida Aprenda, is still up! I bet you were thinking I was going to write that it had been removed.
By the next "Odds and Ends" post, it will officially be summer.
Have a wonderful, peaceful, and happy summer!

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