Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Have You Noticed What Is No Longer Noticeable?

Existence as we have known it for years and through the change of decades has recently been altered in a fashion so many of us could only have dreamed about, yet thought would never happen.

Now there is no telling how long this new existence will last because we have seen at least one time when the change described in this post has been done, only to find things reverting back to the status quo.

If you noticed what can be passed by without much notice though not to notice what is no longer noticeable is probably a reasonable observation, should not be taken as any fault on your part.

For so very long the now unnoticeable had been noticed by so many that all notices were taken for granted and no real change was considered fathomable by a great number of us.

Yet in the dreams of many, noticing what is now reality, was something anticipated, hoped for, begged for, and demanded of.

The fencing around the pumping station has been removed.

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