Friday, July 23, 2010

Odds and Ends 178

If all goes well, the next Odds and Ends will include my impressions of the opening of Amalfitano Bakery.
An inspection scheduled for earlier this week was supposed to be the decision point activity that Mr. Anthony Amalfitano would use to learn when he would open his Bakery.
Yes, I know a cannoli is not such a great treat to consume with my new eating program. But I think we can all enjoy a treat from time to time and I don't feel one cannoli will hurt my continuing weight loss and I will make greater efforts to place more exercise into days and weeks following whatever treats I choose to enjoy.
There is still quite a bit of construction-related equipment and items near the intersection of Avenida Aprenda and Western Avenue. With the giant pipes above ground at this time, the completion of the entire project is still some time away.
I have published a post about the most recent San Ramon Canyon Stabilization Project Update Meeting at my: site and that project is of some importance with regard to transit routes that could be affected in the northwest San Pedro area and the eastern and southern portions of Rancho Palos Verdes.
The potential continues to exist that if a significant rainfall pattern comes during a future rainy season and the stabilization project is not completed or an interim stabilization structure is not placed, we all could face greater traffic challenges, even along Western Avenue.
I have read, heard, or seen nothing of note, newly discovered about Ponte Vista at San Pedro and whether the current status of the project has been updated.
I really haven't expected to see any real updates because it continues to look like the real estate market remains bad and the most recent local residential development news has focused on single-family houses being considered in the Chandler area of Rolling Hills Estates.

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