Friday, July 09, 2010

Odds and Ends 176

When my sister Ruth is amazed about the upcoming auction at Silver Spur Court, that is something quite remarkable to me.

She commented about the huge loss between the former asking prices of the units and what the minimum bids may be, when the units go up for auction.

Ruth doesn't normally comment with excitement over the prices of condos and housing so it was something of a small shock to hear her with regards to the foreclosed project in Rolling Hills Estates.

I am wondering if she gets excited about something like this, what are folks considering when and what to do regarding potential condos at Ponte Vista at San Pedro are thinking.
We are getting wind of another 'push poll' either having begun or almost here regarding Marymount College's ballot measure and attempts to have on-campus housing at the College.

This news reminds me about the poll paid for by Bob Bisno related to Ponte Vista at San Pedro and how the outcome of that poll was immediately questioned and how Bob and the pollster he hired had a meeting with the public and press about the poll and how its results differed so drastically with what members of the community were saying out loud and in small numbers.

I remember the events surrounding the meeting regarding the results of the poll and how Bob Bisno admitted he wrote as least one of the questions asked and how he would not answer specific questions about poll results.

Bob is long gone and I doubt that any future developers of the Ponte Vista site would try something like that again.

But it looks as if supporters of Marymount's plan to have voters approve dorms and create a new code that would allow Marymount's Specific Plan zone to supersede municipal codes found in conflict with Marymount's Plan may try their own 'push poll'.

Is this deja vu all over again? I hope not but I think it is something we all should be leery of.

The press and community members found quickly that the results of Bob's poll were probably pre-determined due to the questions created and the possible responses provided.

It is going around that similar things may be afoot with the new poll and I think many of us are ready to learn whether it is an objective poll or something Marymount's pollsters already are prepared to publish due to their knowledge of what they expect to find.

Is this type of poll uncommon? No way! It is done all the time, whether we like it or not.

What should we make of it? If it is a 'push poll', one created to 'push' respondents to answers that the creators want the respondents to have, then we all need to be skeptical and on our toes.

What else might a poll of this type do? It is suspected at this point, that some questions may be geared at either defaming some groups or individuals opposed to The Marymount Plan. There could be questions and comments from those calling registered voters that may tend to allow the respondent to have a negative impression or opinion about possibly City Council members because of their 5-0 vote to oppose The Marymount Plan.

There could be negative comments steered towards having respondents opine in a negative manner about individuals other than representatives of Rancho Palos Verdes, but probably not be because I am really a nobody. The folks that may be targeted may represent homeowners or opposition groups to Marymount's Special Election ballot measure.

If you haven't followed the recently increased drama with its letter to the city regarding a potential violation of The Brown Act and a letter by a Council member to the California State Bar dealing with the law firm that wrote the first letter, then you may have been missing something that may interest you.

It looks like between now and November 2, 2010 it going to get hotter with these issues than any issue we have dealt with regarding Ponte Vista at San Pedro.
Unfortunately, there is one particular individual who was completely rotten during a part of the discussions and letter to the editor writing periods regarding Ponte Vista and he is more than a little involved with the Marymount debate.

I hope he doesn't write what he wrote when he wrote his horrible, disgusting, dishonest, miserable, and untrue letter dealing with those supporting Ponte Vista, if he writes about Marymount. We don't need that kind of letter or individual dirtying up the whole debate.
The time to smell the fresh baked breads and pastries wafting up from Amalfitano Bakery is approaching for us. The cases are lighted and looking ready to be filled.

Still no opening date has been posted.
The former liquor store site on Western Avenue just north of Caddington is going to house the mattress store that will be moving from just south of Caddington, pretty soon.
I was very happy to not hear much noise or see many fireworks in the Eastview areas as we watched lots of illegal fireworks down in The Highlands from our vantage point in the parking lot of The Terraces. There seemed to be two areas down along Barrywood that had fireworks and they didn't seem as outrageous as in years past with it looked like a fireworks war was going on closer to Barrywood and Capitol.
At last glance, the new theatre chain now showing movies on six screens at The Terraces has not raised their ticket prices and that is GREAT!

Of course a large diet soda and a large bag of popcorn was $10.50, but being a Senior and paying only $5.00 admission to a first run movie isn't that bad for after 6:00 PM.

The theatre continues its $4.00 per ticket for non-3D movies for everyone on Tuesdays and Thursdays AND Seniors get that deal also on Wednesdays.

Please shop and be entertained along Western Avenue, either in San Pedro or Rancho Palos Verdes. There are so many choices and good opportunities to shop locally and both cities can use the sales tax revenue.
East View or Eastview? Yes!

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