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Odds and Ends 175

From time to time over the past years, something pops up on a subscription Email alert that is part of Google.

I subscribe to Google Alerts regarding Ponte Vista at San Pedro.

Here is very old information that was linked on my Google Alerts this morning:
LLG Ponte Vista Traffic Study Appedix B-1.pdf
1-05-3554-1. Ponte Vista at San Pedro Project ... Future with Ponte Vista Project. CMA Data Worksheets. AM & PM Peak Hours ...,%20Project%20Traffi...

This is the actually from a traffic study published in 2006 where counts were taken in 2005.
The only point here is learning that sometimes Google Alerts offers links to not so current information and it is a good idea to check the information out before getting excited that something new is coming out via Google Alerts.
Some of the information contained in the Appendix B-1 can be very slightly considered now because of counts taken in 2005 and a significant point, also published in 2005 about the studied growth in traffic counts on Western Avenue.

The Western Avenue Task Force published their exhaustive and detailed study of traffic on Western Avenue between Palos Verdes Drive North, in Lomita and 25th Street, in San Pedro.
An important conclusion was stated in that study that indicated that, EVEN WITHOUT ANY DEVELOPMENT AT THE PONTE VISTA AT SAN PEDRO SITE, traffic counts were expected to increase at the rate of approximately 1.1 percent per year.

The study also concluded that in 2005 around the time of the publication of the study, there were about 37,500 vehicle trips counted along Western Avenue in the study's area of concern and the rate of increased vehicle trips per year was considered for a 20-year period of 'normal' area growth. The study used 2025 as its final year of study conclusions and for its summary.
It is now 2010, nothing is really new at Ponte Vista and there are no longer approximately 37,500 vehicles expected to be counted along Western Avenue.

It is expected that by the end of this year there will be 39,608 vehicles passing along Western Avenue on a roadway that has seen no changes in geometry and only synchronization of traffic signals.

Next year there will probably be over 40,000 vehicles traveling along Western Avenue, again with no geometric changes on Western but hopefully, the fencing around the pumping station MIGHT be removed.
The lights are on and the false ceiling is going up. The two new signs are up to allow folks who enjoy great baked goods to find Amalfitano Bakery.
This blog will begin to post more information, opinion, and other issues related to Marymount Colleges upcoming Initiative vote for its Marymount Plan.

If you find the information worthwhile and I hope you do, you can always visit. for much more information and postings that I don't feel should fill this blog too much.

But I do strongly feel that there would be great impact to traffic on Western Avenue and to residents living in eastern Rancho Palos Verdes and northwest San Pedro should The Marymount Plan's Initiative receive approval from Rancho Palos Verdes voters.

According to the traffic study for The Marymount College Facilities Expansion Project (with the on-campus student housing considered) there would be about 1,591 ADDITIONAL vehicle trips per year along Western Avenue between 9Th Street and Palos Verdes Drive North.

Since the original study was published, another Appendix was ordered and its traffic portion indicated that the number of yearly vehicle trips in the same area could actually increase to over 1,900.

Since any new on-campus housing approved by voters WOULD NOT MEAN that the college's Palos Verdes North off-campus student housing site would shut its doors and close down, traffic would INCREASE due to more students living on Marymount's Palos Verdes Drive East campus would drive to and from Western Avenue during any hour of the day or night, something that has never been done.

The additional approval that Marymount is now a four-year institution was done after the original traffic studies were published and it means upper class persons who would live in dorms will probably look and find work at the many businesses along Western Avenue and do other business, shopping, dining, or entertaining, when they are not in their dorm rooms.
I strongly support The Marymount College Facilities Expansion Project approved by the Rancho Palos Verdes City Council with its many improvements to the Marymount College campus and with its added opportunities that could allow all students and members of the community an enhanced education and better experiences.

I strongly oppose The Marymount Plan along with its Initiative because The Plan adds on-campus housing and stupilates a new municipal law benefitting only Marymount College, at the expense of the residents and the city of Rancho Palos Verdes and offers just about everything else already approved by the City Council.

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