Wednesday, August 08, 2007

1,950? It's still 2,300, According to City Planning

"We have not received any updated plans based on Bisno's recent proposal."

This is a quote from an L.A. City Planning Department member which I received in a reply to an Email.

"We are currently preparing the Response to Comments. Folks who submitted responses will be notified once they are completed, and will be able to review them. The Final EIR must be certified by a decision-making body or an advisory agency (e.g., Planning Commission) before any project can be approved.."

This is another quote from that same reply. I think it will be very interesting to read the Response to Comments, especially since they were submitted between November, 2006 and January, 2007. Six months may have changed a lot of things, or maybe we will be able to look back at those comments and see if anything has actually changed.

Oh yeah, about that school Bob claims is not going to get built at Ponte Vista?

The Web site for SRHS #14 was updated all the way back on July 2, 2007.

Here is the "preferred location" of the school, according to LAUSD:

"South Region HS #14, 56.40068
East of Western Ave. between Westmont Dr. and Palos Verdes Dr. North, San Pedro, CA 90732"

Project Information
Board Member: Richard Vladovic
Local Superintendent: Dona Stevens
LA City Council: Janice Hahn
Comm. Outreach: Roberta Jones-Booker
Dev. Team Manager: Brian Eamer
Architect: Leo Daly
General Contractor: TBD
2-Semester Seats: N/A
New Classrooms: N/A
Site Acres: 8
Approximate Sq. Ft.: 89,155
CHPS Score: 28
Schools Relieved: Narbonne HS

Pref. Site Designated: Q4-2005
DSA Approval: Q1-2009
NTP Construction: Q2-2009
Substantial Completion: Q2-2012
School Occupancy: Q3-2012

Total Budget: $ 114,846,603

Everyone who is concerned as so many of us are concerning trying to relieve over crowding at a Harbor City high school by moving students into San Pedro might want to visit this link from time to time to see is things ever change.

There are thousands of Ponte Vista supporters and thousands of folks who oppose Mr. Bisno's current plans who do not want any high school built in San Pedro to ease over crowding at Narbonne. I am one of the many thousands of individuals who would willingly join with Mr. Bisno and his organization in opposition to any new school on the Ponte Vista site.

Here is one issue I feel the majority of the members of OUR community can come together and deal with. We don't need to aggree on the numbers of units at Ponte Vista as long as the number of LAUSD classrooms is ZERO on the site.


KM said...

Won't this project primarily help relieve overcrowding at SPHS? I think we do need a new school, especially with new residents coming in to town. Yes, Mary Star is going in, but not everyone can afford to send their children to private school and even those who can may not want to send them to a Catholic school.

M Richards said...

Thanks KM,

South Region High School #14 was originally proposed to be a 2,025-seat high school on about 15.03 acres of the Ponte Vista site to relieve overcrowding at both Narbonne and San Pedro High Schools.

When the LAUSD received so much flak from so many of us, they decided to create a second school plan.

Now there is a plan for an 810-seat Senior High School at the Ponte Vista site, requiring up to 8 acres. This new plan would ease overcrowding at Narbonne H.S.

A new planned high school, now called SRHS #15 is proposed to be a 1,215-seat High School on the old upper reservation of Fort Mac Arthur, very close to Angel's Gate Cultural Center.

LAUSD own about 40+ acres in that area and they do have some instruction at the site, and have for some time now.

When the LAUSD wised up, just a bit concerning building only an 810-seat H.S. to ease overcrowding at Narbonne, their requirements for between 6-8 acres, as opposed to 15.03 acres of Ponte Vista property, made it perfectly reasonable to now consider sites in Harbor City, Harbor Gateway, and Lomita to build a much smaller campus.

Several of us have already proposed sites that LAUSD can look at in Harbor City and Harbor Gateway.

Currently, LAUSD is looking at those sites and a site near a park in Lomita, but officially, they are still treating the Ponte Vista site as the "preferred site."

Bob feels that now that Dr. Vladovich is on the Board of Education, it will only be a matter of time until the Ponte Vista site is abandoned, as far as LAUSD is concerned. But as of 7-02-07, Ponte Vista still seems to be on track for the new 810-seat H.S.

I hope I have explained it a bit better. If you have any other questions, please Email me and I will try to find more answers for you, and anyone else.

km said...

Ah, I didn't realize LASUD has pulled a switch, I just thought they were splitting capacity between 2 campuses rather than one 2000 student school. We may still need that much student capacity here, though. I don't know about importing kids from Harbor City.So, just a question, where will the kids who move in to Ponte Vista go to school? Surely there will be some in those 2,300 units.

M Richards said...

Thanks again KM,

You have great questions.

The future students living at Ponte Vista will have as their primary school sites, these three schools:


Taper Avenue School. It already has a regular student body and it also has a seperate magnet student body that wasn't counted in the Ponte Vista DEIR.

Middle School:

Dodson Middle School. This school is located in Rancho Palos Verdes, on the west side of Western Avenue.
Whether students walk or are driven, they will face the same challenges the students faced when the Navy housed lots of families.

High School:

Narbonne High School: This school has some students living accross Western Ave. in R.P.V. attending it. High school-aged students from Ponte Vista will attend Narbonne or another school that is built to ease overcrowding at Narbonne.

You should also know that LAUSD owns land near Ponte Vista at the intersection of Taper Ave. and Barrywood. Currently the LAUSD-owned land has a science center and a continuation high school. According to reports, there are about 60 students attending Cooper Continuation High School and the science center just won an extension to its life and that is good for our students.

km said...

Ah but there are palns within plans, and I hear that there are new plans for Cooper.

Anonymous said...

Why would Ponte Vista students go to Narbonne when across the street in RPV LAUSD students would go to San Pedro High? Is Western the border?

M Richards said...

Thanks km and anonymous,

Yes, folks are talking about what to do with Cooper. Right now there seems to be a student count that can easily be moved to the Angel's Gate/Fort Mac area where LAUSD has room.

It is good, I feel that the Science Center will still be able to greet students, and not be used as a warehouse.

There have been a few folks who have talked about moving both the Cooper students and the Science Center to the Fort MacArthur area and building a small high school on the old site at Barrywood and Taper.

This site would probably be to far from Western to build SRHS 14, to relieve overcrowding at Narbonne, and it would probably be to small of a school site to relieve SPHS's overcrowding.

Western Avenue is not the border between the SPHS and Narbonne areas.

Students residing in the norther portion of the Rolling Hills Riviera neighborhood and I believe Peninsula Verde, have a three-fold option, now that it has been part of R.P.V. for years;
They can attend PVPUSD schools,
They can attend SPHS,
They can attend Narbonne.

These students, generally living north of Dodson Middle School, are the only ones, right now that have the option of attending either district, or either LAUSD high school.

High School-age students living at Ponte Vista would have as their primary high school, Narbonne or SRHS #14. Since Ponte Vista is in San Pedro/L.A., students would not generally have PVPUSD schools as an option.

Anonymous said...

That's interesting, as traditionally, all of RHRHA is "home school" to San Pedro High (obviously outside of the PVPUSD option). I think the Narbonne option may have opened when Narbonne was not crowded; I bet that is not as open of an option now.

I think Bisno property residents would be San Pedro High students.

M Richards said...

Thanks anonymous 11:02,

When I left Dodson in 1970, kids from there, living basically north of Dodson, were ablt to attend either SPHS or Narbonne.

Back then, Narbonne was considered to have a better Math Department that SPHS did, and "Tish" decided to go to Narbonne instead of SPHS, which I attended and that did not please me one bit.

According to LAUSD, high school students living at Ponte Vista would have either Narbonne or SRHS #14 as their primary school to attend.

SPHS has to contend with over crowding that makes SRHS #15, with its current "preferred" site at Fort Mac Arthur, as what may be built to ease their over crowding.

Some have thought about moving the Science Center and Cooper to the Fort MacArthur site and using the Taper/Barrywood site as a possible site for a smaller SRHS #15 for the over crowding of San Pedro H.S.

I think the folks living closer to Fort MacArthur are well within their rights to oppose a 1,215-seat Senior High School at Fort MacArthur and I have several posts dealing with why such a large high school in that area might not be an intelligent thing to do.

It is very, very true that San Pedro, Harbor City, Harbor Gateway, and Lomita need more seats for senior high school students.

It's the "Where are we going to put the students?" question that is still up in the air, for many members of OUR community.

Sadly, LAUSD it seems, have already made up their minds of having two new schools built, both in San Pedro.