Friday, August 10, 2007

Odds and Ends 25

First, to let folks know what has changed since my last post, Mr. Bisno and his agents have amended their plans, officially, with the City of Los Angeles, and are stating they are going to build 1,950 condominiums at the Ponte Vista site. Whether it is called a "town house", a "patio-style house" (none planned at Ponte Vista), or "Courtyard Home", (again, none at Ponte Vista)
officially, they are all classified as condominiums and not "single-family" units.

With the change of plans by Bisno Development Corporation (BDC), there are many, many people who strongly believe that a new Environmental Impact Report (EIR) MUST be done.

Even though Bob will probably claim that a new EIR is not needed due to the slightly fewer number of units from his first plan, there are real changes that will happen because of the new plans and there are new situations that should require a new EIR be started.

Here is a list of SOME issues that should be considered for reasons to require a new EIR:

With Ms. Hahn calling for a new study being conducted from the original plans for 2,300-units, this is one reason.
A new traffic study will have to include the 136-units at Seaport Luxury Homes that was not included in the original study.
New traffic counts would need to be accomplished concerning the real impact of Mary Star, once it opens in September.
A reexamination of the formulas, factors, and findings, based on ALL available data is required.
A new traffic study should include all factors related to the probable failures of the remaining unrepaired storm drains under Western Avenue.
A REAL study should be conducted concerning a new road between Western Avenue and Gaffey Street.

Economic Impacts:
With absolutely zero commercial malls and zero new car dealerships within the five-mile radius of Ponte Vista AND within the City of L.A. in that five-mile radius, there is very little expectation of large sales tax revenues coming into the City of L.A. by Ponte Vista residents to cover that added costs to the City for services and support. Simply put, tax payers in the other parts of the City of L.A. will have to pay for the support and services that will be enjoyed by everyone living at Ponte Vista.

No matter how much BDC suggests will be spent in the five-mile radius of Ponte Vista each year, only a fraction of that spending will be done in San Pedro/City of L.A. Most of the money will be spent in other cities and the sales tax revenues will go to those cities and not L.A., and especially because of L.A.'s current funding of areas, San Pedro will again lag far behind other areas of Los Angeles.

Environmental Impacts:
There needs to be some study of how humans affect or are affected by the environment in which they live or will live. The Berths 97-109 project (China Shipping) is going to add tons and tons of air pollution and other negative environmental impacts to nearby residents. Adding the kinds of numbers of residents at Ponte Vista, there needs to be a study done of the possible negative health impacts local pollution will cause these new residents to experience.

The impacts of the added population on the environments of the area needs to be studied, too. New residents bring into the picture new movement patterns, new pollution, and new requirements for the infrastructure of the local environment. Human impact on the environment needs to be studied.

Schools Impacts:
The suggestion in the original DEIR that only 199-school age students would live in 1,725 condominiums is ridiculous on its face, and everyone knows that.

When the student population of Taper Avenue School, the elementary school that Ponte Vista kids would attend was conducted, only one student body was counted for that campus. The individuals who conducted the student body count did not use the student population of the magnet portion of that school and when they issued the original report that showed that Taper had room for Ponte Vista kids, it was not shown that Taper Avenue School is almost, if not already at overcrowding levels.

Middle School students living at Ponte Vista will have as their primary school, Dodson Middle School, in Rancho Palos Verdes. I was not able to find anywhere in the original DEIR any mention of the impact of students needing to cross Western Avenue will have. Dodson Middle School is also near its limit of student population.

Even though Mr. Bisno will tell you that no high school will be built on current Ponte Vista property, a study of having an 810-seat high school should be conducted because as late at July 2, 2007, the "preferred" site for SRHS #14 was still within the Ponte Vista site.

Traffic Impacts, Economic Impacts, Environmental Impacts, and Schools Impacts are just four areas that require that a new Environmental Impact Report be conducted. If Bob can pay for parties, open houses, petition gathering, and lots of dinners and giveaways, he can afford to do what is correct, and pay for a new EIR, many strongly feel.

I have learned that not one, but two out of the three who provided B.s. (Bisno support) in a letter to the editor of the Daily Breeze, complaining of the impacts of residents of R.P.V. on the Ponte Vista discussion, actually live in R.P.V. themselves.

Within the five mile radius of the Ponte Vista site, there will be three Target stores. Two of them are not in the City of Los Angeles. Sales tax revenues generated by the two Target stores, not in the City of Los Angeles will generate zero dollars to the City of Los Angeles.

Please visit for information that came from the latest Rudderless Steering Committee meeting for that group.

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