Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Two Press Conferences, One Public, the Other Bisno

Two press conferences were held this morning concerning the final report by the CAC.

Donna Littlejohn attended the Press Conference, as a reporter for The Daily Breeze. This press conference was open to any member of the public and two folks who are full of B.s. (Bisno support) added comments and asked questions at this press conference.

There was also a reporter from the Random Lengths News on hand to write, but he didn't seem to ask any questions of the members of the CAC who attended.

Before I get a chance to read what Ms. Littlejohn writes, I want to give you a description of the members of the CAC who attended the Press Conference, because I will probably continue to read that the CAC was not representative of the community and/or the members were not qualified or were sufficiently trained enough to make comments.

The first member/former member I will write about is me. I was the least qualified person to sit on the CAC, and I know that. I am NOT a college graduate, and I am a blue-collar worker.

Here are some of the qualifications of some of the other members of the CAC, especially those who attended the Press Conference and made comments.

A home-builder and developer. Someone who has worked in many areas of L.A. to provide housing both as single-family units and multi-family units. This person is familiar with all the tactics of developers.

A retired aerospace engineer and activist in the Neighborhood Council system. This person has dealt with housing and business developments on an ongoing basis.

A retired Detective with the L.A.P.D. This CAC member is very active with homeowner associations on the peninsula

A retired worker who also works with his homeowner association outside the limits of San Pedro AND R.P.V.

A San Pedro business owner with a very long history in OUR community, currently a resident of Rancho Palos Verdes, but a true San Pedran at heart.

A Realtor who not only served on the LAUSD Board of Education, but was President of that Board. This person is active in OUR community and the Neighborhood Council system.

A former High School Teacher. This person chaired the Western Avenue Task Force, helped develop the Neighborhood Council system, and served on the Harbor Area Planning Commission, along with many other committees and groups seeking to better OUR community.

If ANYONE suggests that these great folks who volunteered their time and effort to serve OUR community the best way that could, were not qualified to represent all of us, then they are not only misguided by a greedy developer, they are JUST PLAIN WRONG!

There was a second "Press Conference" held at a table in the restaurant portion of the hotel where we all met this morning.

At this "Press Conference" which I did not attend, Donna Littlejohn was given the opportunity to listen to V.P. Elise Swanson of the BDC. She also had the chance to interview two of the folks who made comments and asked questions during the Press Conference held by CAC members.

Also sitting around the interview table with Donna were Board members and leaders of Bob's Advisory Boards. These folks have every right to be interviewed, but I feel it is necessary to reveal that there were two Press Conferences and folks who deal with B.s. (Bisno support) had the chance to be interviewed in public and private.

I expect to read in Donna's article that the CAC was "unfair", included "too many folks who live in R.P.V.", was "one-sided", and didn't include the "majority opinion" of the residents of San Pedro.

I also expect to read condemnation of CAC members for other reasons, too. I hope I don't, but I need to expect it from individuals spouting so much B.s. (Bisno support).

You all need to know that Rachel Viramontes, once a co-chair of the Ponte Vista Board of Advisors, lives in Rancho Palos Verdes. She my now be a single chair, but she still is one of the VERY FEW residents of R.P.V. that has a lot of B.s. (Bisno support) in her. Ms. Viramontes was at both events today and made comments at the public event.

Elise Swanson should have mentioned during the public Press Conference that there would be a second event, but if she did mention it, is was probably in a whisper to "special" folks.

I am hoping to read a balanced piece from Ms. Littlejohn. I attended the public Press Conference and made more notes than I usually do. I am very prepared to write quotes from CAC members who attended the public Press Conference.

Here again we got to witness folks who spout B.s. (Bisno support) demand everything being done in public, but practicing the use of privacy when it comes to their own issues. What are they afraid of, other than the truth?

If so many folks who believe in this B.s. (Bisno support) to having everything out in the open, why don't they practice it themselves? It takes an invitation to get into the inner sanctum of all the B.s. (Bisno support) and that is bad for OUR community.


Anonymous said...

is not swanson someone who used to work for hahn?

M Richards said...

Elise Swanson did work for Ms. Hahn.