Wednesday, August 01, 2007

STOP! Go There, But Don't Forget to Come Back

Please stop what you are reading and go visit Life on the edge at

They have a great little piece, with better links to the fact that the Urban Village site has been sold to a Beverly Hills based development company.

In an article in today's Daily Breeze there is a statement that Omninet Capital may not want an 18-story tower built on the 2.4 acre site, but may think about a 23-story tower.

Here we go again with an out of town development company. Perhaps "San Pedro Central Neighborhood Council", as two members of the Mardesich family called the Central San Pedro Neighborhood Council, will need help from other Neighborhood Councils should they find that the new development that may be planned for the site is too large for that area.

Along the line of the letter to the editor in today's Daily Breeze by two members of the Mardesich family, they write they have studied the Ponte Vista situation "throughly" and have concluded that Bob's plans are worthwhile for OUR community.

Perhaps these two members do not live that close to northwest San Pedro, or they have a great deal of B.s. (Bisno support) in their lives. They seem to obviously know more than the members of the CAC, Ms. Janice Hahn, 10,23++ members of OUR community, folks within the City Planning Department, and Mr. Andrew Mardesich.

Our community needs to read from more folks who are knowledgeable with their B.s. (Bisno support). Being full of B.s. is something too many people around here seem to still be, but we will try our best to help them have a movement away from all the B.s. they have inside them.

Did the wonderful Ray tell us all about "Pepto Bisno" and how it is so close to "Exlax" on store shelves?

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