Friday, August 10, 2007

Thankfully, the "Giant Elephants" are Not Being Ignored

I am reading thankfully, that folks still are not ignoring two giant elephants that are looming around us.

SRHS #14 is an 810-seat senior high school designed to ease over crowding at Narbonne H.S.
Currently its "preferred" site is at Ponte Vista, but a whole lot of us are joining together in opposition to putting the, now smaller campus, at Ponte Vista.

There are at least three sites in Harbor City, Harbor Gateway, and Lomita that have been "looked at" insofar as alternative sites for the school. Let us hope that LAUSD smartens up and builds SRHS #14 closer to where the majority of the kids who attend, actually live.

SRHS #15 is the newer bigger elephant. It is planned to be a 1,210-seat senior high school to ease the over crowding at San Pedro High School. Currently its "preferred" site is on the upper reservation area of the old Fort MacArthur site where LAUSD owns plenty of land, already, to build that school.

There are troubles, to be sure, with trying to get a 1,210-seat school built behind the homes on 30th Street, just east of Alma, and some distance from Gaffey. With traffic in north San Pedro getting worse with the new Target store, Ponte Vista, and other developments, creating a new traffic nightmare on the south end of San Pedro means that the majority of folks living in many areas of San Pedro will have gridlock on both ends.

I am glad to view comments and see that folks are visiting this blog and reading about the schools issue. This topic is important to OUR community, too and it should not be ignored.

If you remember "The Monster" which turned out to be Seaport Luxury Homes and how mad we are were/are about how it seems to have come in "under the radar", just think of all those folks in the area who are ignoring not one, but TWO new high school plans for San Pedro?


Anonymous said...

mark, it is obvious that he is doing his best to turn at least the houses along western in to blighted properties. do you know exactly who controls the code enforcement for this property? all property owners have an obligation to keep their property within code.
It's time that they were contacted by those affected and who really care about the area to force him to do something now. if i am out of code and do nothing, the city has strict time limits before they sedn work crews to bring properties up to code and put the bill on my property taxes.

M Richards said...

Thanks anonymous 3:35 AM,

Ponte Vista at San Pedro is within the limits of the City of Los Angeles, and the area is still considered to be also within the Harbor City/Wilmington Community Plan.

I don't know exactly who to contact within the City of L.A., but I will look into it this coming week.

A suggestion has been made that the Rolling Hills Riviera HOA and/or residents who have the Ponte Vista area as part of their view, contact the R.P.V. government folks and see if they can use whatever power they have to get Bob to clean up the blight.

Perhaps even the L.A. County Health Department could be contacted to look into issues involving blighted areas within a populated region and the affects that area may have on residents in the local area.

Here is just one more issue that many folks can band together and be the squeaky wheel that gets oiled.

Why should everyone be subjected to Bob's blight?

Anonymous said...

does anybody have any information about the upcoming meeting between bisno and janice?

Just4fin said...

He caused it and should take care of it now. Why should we be subjected to this eyesore. He is only using it as a lever to garner support for his project. Seemed to work on the SP Chamber of Commerce and others who seem to think that the property was blighted before he started ripping things out and boarding the houses up.

Anonymous said...

what about a second petition simply stating that he clean things up now. if ever there was another glaring show of contempt for the community, this is it. why exactly has he removed the privacy fencing slats along western, boarded up windows, and spray-painted windows if not for the sole purpose of creating blight. i also do not care one ioita what data was used to claim that r1(i.e., 429 homes)causes more traffic at any time than his high density housing project. And don't even tell me western will not be filled with people too old to probably drive going in and out of their units in their cars all day long. what else are they going to do? everyone has had the experience of getting stuck behind one, if not nearly hit by one. rember santa monica farmers market? i work on that corner and was there shopping when it happened. ugly. 429.

M Richards said...

Thanks anonymous persons who comment and just4fin,

Blight is not right.

I think another petition drive for clearing of Bob's blight might be something that can be started by the folks along Fitness Drive, The Gardens, Rolling Hills Riviera, and other nearby neighborhoods. I think a new battalion of petition gatherers would be needed for that one, but what the heck, if folks are interested, they are most certainly welcome to begin their own campaign and if it takes flight, to end the blight, perhaps more folks within R Neighborhoods Are 1 might come on board.

I do feel, it is important for everyone who feels that Bob's blight needs to get taken care of, right now, should contact the necessary departments within the City of L.A. and the City of Rancho Palos Verdes.

Rancho Palos Verdes is having elections in November with three of the five City Council seats up for grabs.

The three incombent now serving on those seats are running for reelection and there are two other candidates who wish to unseat two of them.

If residents living on the eastern side of Rancho Palos Verdes wish to be listened to, they really NEED to start getting more involved with Rancho Palos Verdes city government.

I will be posting my thoughts about the election in a future post, but I feel it is very, very important to learn about all the candidates and let all of them know, along with the two other C.C. members, that we will not stand for inaction on the part of the Rancho Palos Verdes city government and we expect that the necessary folks in our city government become involved in assisting in the removal of Bob's blight.

As to Ms. Hahn meeting with Bob, she has done that several times that I know of and I hope that she reads Bob the riot act when she meets with him.

The 15th District Councilperson is not happy at all with Bob's plans and his tactics. We have all been forced to deal with plans from Bob that have absolutely, positively no chance of getting through City government, and just about everybody on the planet knows that.

Not only has Bob angered many in decision-making arenas, he has managed to get some folks at the Department of City Planning aggitated.

If anyone suspects that Ms. Hahn is going to allow Bob to build his giant development, they are not living in the real world.

There are rumors flying all over the city by both supporters and opponents of Bob's plans and none of those rumors need to be repeated here. I think we need to be patient and let the Department of City Planning do their work.

Anonymous said...

regarding rpc city council election: once upon a time they actually held a q & a session at crestwood st. school. it's time to ask them to do it again. did they or did they not cut the budget for the traffic safety committee, axing the minute taker. thought you might know.

M Richards said...

Thanks for remembering, Anonymous 9:49 AM.

There was a candidates forum at Crestwood for the last R.P.V. C.C. elections.

I think many minds were made up at the forum and I will try to see if we can't have another one either at Crestwood or Dodson.

I want to try to get the Rolling Hills Riviera HOA involved because they have so much to lose with the upcoming elections. They not only have Ponte Vista to deal with, they also have issues with the storm drains.

It turned out that it was a missunderstanding that happened in along the halls of the City Hall of R.P.V. that made it appear that the Traffic Safety Commission was losing our traffic engineer and minute-taker.

What once was called the Traffic Safety Committee is now called the Traffic Safety Commission and I am one of its seven members.

We will have Mr. Jack Rydell and our recording secretary at the meetings, but there seems to be a larger problem, as I see it.

According to many in City Government, there is simply not enough money in the City's budget to do the traffic studies and much of the mitigation folks want in their neighborhoods.

The Toscanini area, east of Western Avenue has had it residents ask for traffic calming and the traffic engineer studied the issue and believes traffic calming, with the addition of speed humps, is in order.

The biggest problem now is that there is no money according to many, to do the mitigation the traffic study called for.

One of the candidates for the upcoming City Council election is Mr. Dan Reeves. He is apparently a person extremely concerned with the budget and budget processes in R.P.V. I don't know that much yet about him, but it is my responsibility, and all R.P.V. voters' responsibility to learn about all the candidates and where they stand on the issues.

I think Mr. Reeves believes that the current Council makeup is not dealing with the budget properly.

Whether there is money available for traffic calming in R.P.V. is something I continue to question. I am in the minority on the Traffic Safety Commission, because I feel there are certain things the City must fund, and I feel there is money someplace that can be used.

Anonymous said...

they spend plenty of money on some dubious projects if you ask me. over 1,000 cars a day speed down trudie, over hump, at 60 mph or better and i have never seen one ticket issued ever. i have seen my sons friens get hit and thrown by a gardner's truck, almost killing him. he needed staples to close his head. anyway, why can't we ask them to hold a forum at miraleste this time around? sure would like to know their development plans for this chunck of western.

Anonymous said...

life on the edge has some interesting tidbits about bisno's choice of consultants.

Anonymous said...

Although, RPV planning dept. has regularly attended and monitored Bisno's/CAC meetings.....the staff reports generate little, if any, response from the elected council members. Why is that? Answer: THEY (council members) DON'T CARE because Eastview residents continue to look to San Pedro's Janice Hahn to represent their interest in Western developments.

Eastview resident's, be they San Peeedrans at heart, nonetheless need to vote in RPV city council elections if only to protect their interest in San Peeedro! Vote for Don Reeves.

As far as Bisno "blight" issue. The city of LA can record a lien against Bisno forcing him to clean up the property and if Bisno fails to do so within a given time the city will clean it up at Bisno expense. Let's see how far folks go with this issue. Frankly, I don't see how RPV could force the clean up.

M Richards said...

Thanks anonymous 9:18 AM.

I don't know much about Mr. Reeves other than he has been a candidate in a previous election and he seems to be a fiscal watchdog for R.P.V., and they need more of these folks, I feel.

I will not be up and around much in October, but I would strongly suggest that we on the east side of R.P.V. have another candidates forum for the five candidates running for the three seats on the Council.

The five current councilmembers support R1 when asked individually.

I have been told by several council members that if Eastview residents get up their will and actually show up to vote in R.P.V. elections, our block of votes outnumber all other blocks.

We have a potential voter base of over 4,000 residents in the Eastview and eastern R.P.V. area. We simply don't vote in any worthwhile numbers in R.P.V. elections.

Who knows what a strong turnout at a local candidates forum would tell the current council members and other candidates? I hope it could impress on everyone in R.P.V. that the sleeping giant that can be the block of voters in eastern R.P.V. is sick and tired of being ignored and our wishes will be dealt with.

I think the residents of Rolling Hills Riviera might want to contact a legal expert about having to deal with the blight that is Ponte Vista. Perhaps their HOA can assist our city and L.A. to try and get Bob's blight dealt with.

I don't know if the City of R.P.V. can place a lien on Bob's blight because of the lowering of property values.

I also don't know if the good folks at Green Hills have any say in Bob's blight, just accross the street from their business.

Anonymous, you are also very correct that many R.P.V. residents are trying to get Janice Hahn to do their bidding, without working with our own city government. Here again is another example, I feel, of too many Eastview residents not realizing that they are R.P.V. citizens, no longer represented by just L.A. County, and they never were truly represented within the government of the City of Los Angeles.

Anonymous said...

m richards 1:30

Blight abatement efforts at Bisno's property is not within RPV's jurisdiction.

Rolling Hills Riveria HOA and Green Hills have no legal teeth.

However, the MONSTER dwelling owner or CASA VERDE or the Tennis Club residents could push the LOS ANGELES clean up. Most likely these folks want a new access road provided by Bisno so they'll keep quiet on the subject.

Keep in mind Bisno has kept his property clear of fire hazards and that maybe all he needs to do in compliance with the rules and ordinances. In the meantime, lets not talk about "blight" at Ponte Vista as if the entire community would benefit if Bisno removed the structures. I smell another opportunity for Bisno to provide the community with another bogus benefit if he cleans off his property. Hence, the reason Bisno has done his darnest to create noticable "blight".

M Richards said...

Thanks anonymous 2:35 PM.

There may be little we can do about Bisno's blight, but we do not have to like it and we do not have to remain silent about it.

I don't have to look at it every day like folks living all over the area who travel along Western Avenue in that area.

It may be also true that boarded up housing, using plywood, is not a fire hazard, but what else may be lingering around that area that could be considered a hazard? I don't know and I suspect, neither to the residents living in the area.

You made a good point about the folks living along Fitness Drive and their wish for better access to Western. Bob provided nothing but lip service to these folks and nowhere in the DEIR or other documents can I see any pathway illustrated for a connecting road to Fitness Drive, anywhere on the Ponte Vista property.

I did draw an illustration of where I thought an alley could be provided along the boundary of Ponte Vista, but my drawing is the only one I have seen to date.

If the property remains R1, their is not even a tiny chance that an access road would be built. Also if their is a final plan that would allow for less than 1000-1,200 homes on the site, then I doubt highly that Bob would give up land for the access road, as well.

I do believe that mentioning Bob's blight and what can and should be done about it at this time, is important. Bob seems to have created much of the blight as evidenced by what the site looked like before he bought it, and how it looks today.

The housing lay dormant for many years before Bob arrived and the condition of the site began to go really sour after he placed his trailers on the site.

IF Bob is so concerned about OUR community like he repeatedly states, then why won't he voluntarily clean up his site?

If Bob is so concerned about OUR community and having folks buy units in the future, why does he provide OUR community with such a blighted site?

I think it is talking out of both sides of your mouth when you state that you want to provide an excellant place to live, yet leave the site you are trying to get folks to support in the condition it is in.

It is like saying one thing and doing the opposite. What can we actually believe Bob will provide when he offers only blight at this time. Talk is cheap and actions speak louder than words.

It is time Bob demonstrates that he really wishes to provide the best development possible, if he truly does, by creating a site that is clean, clear, and allows for folks to view what Bob can provide for the community in at least a vacant area.

This is not the first time Bob used blight at a site, to try and get what he wants. He needs to be called on it by OUR community, no matter whether you support Bob's plans or not.

He is making OUR community look bad and you don't have to oppose his plans to see that every day you drive along Western Avenue.

Let's see what kind of community activists the folks supporting Ponte Vista can be buy getting Bob to clean up his site.