Saturday, October 27, 2007

Another Pro Ponte Vista Telephone Survey is Goin On.

My sister Ruth participated in a lengthy telephone survey this morning and there were lots of questions about Ponte Vista, that she was asked,

It looks like Bob is paying for another survey and I feel we need to broadcast this information to as many people as possible so that if they are contacted about participating in a survey, they can, and will, provide the questioners with appropriate answers.

Ruth had to correct the questioner on several occasions because the questioner believed she was dealing with a development in San "Paydro" and she also thought the name of the project was "Point Vista" as she pronounced it, until Ruth corrected her.

Ruth asked the questioner lots of questions herself and found that the survey was indeed for the Ponte Vista project.

I think Bob is trying to get another survey during this "lull" time in activities to find more folks supporting his development plans.

Ruth remembered lots of the areas of questioning and she made a mental note that the questioner dealt quite a bit with the amenities Bob is proposing to have at Ponte Vista.

Ruth said the first part of the survey concerned knowledge of elected officials in the area and whether Ruth knew information about them.

When Ruth was asked specific questions dealing with Ponte Vista and the amenities Bob is considering, she gave great answers and I think I can safely write that my sister is someone who opposes Bob's current plans, very much.

I hope we can warn enough folks early enough to allow them to answer questions that will make Bob's survey more of an opposition to his current plans that having no opinion or one that leans towards supporting any of Bob's plans.

I don't know how long the survey will last and I hope everyone contacted will remember as many questions as they can and write them down, if possible. Then I hope folks will Email me with the questions.

We have a chance to skewer Bob one more time and I hope we can rally around this survey to demonstrate to Bob and his bunch that we know what he is capable of doing and we have plans to deal with actions presented by him.

On another and much more humorous note, Terri and I tied as winners in the Halloween costume contest at the Golden State Pops Orchestra concert on Saturday night. We tied with a fellow in a banana costume.

What made it so funny for us is that Ponte Vista sponsored many folks to see the concert at reduced prices, so many of the audience, who are Ponte Vista supporters, helped Terri and I win. I had a mask on, so I don't know if supporters who know me and my position on Ponte Vista knew who was behind the mask.

The "celebrity" judge that was brought in to assist in the contest was none other than Mr. Louis Dominguez! Mr. Dominguez is a long-time supporter of Bob's plans for Ponte Vista and serves and has served in leadership positions on advisory boards paid for by Bob. Mr. D. stood next to me at the end of the contest and when we were announced as co-winners, I made sure to reach out and shake his hand.

So thanks to Louis and all the Ponte Vista supporters who voted for Terri and I. It was a fun evening and one that will not be forgotten for a while.

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