Friday, October 05, 2007

Odds and Ends 33

I know that it has been about a month since this blog turned one-year old, but I have been remiss in dealing with this particular item.

I must thank the over 16,000 visitors to this blog. The average daily readership is down, but there are still a few folks who continue to read regularly, even though we are in what many folks believe is a slow news cycle.

I have learned so much from so many readers and writers over this past year. I am humbled by the amount of respect some of you attribute to this blog. I will continue to keep my standards for providing true facts and decent opinions.

I cannot write about how much I have appreciated all the comments from reasonable, responsible, realistic, and respectful writers. Instructive, well meaning, intelligent comments numbering in the thousands have graced this blog and keep me realizing how many good people we have in OUR community and how so many of them are very concerned about the future for all of us.

For the tragic among us, I still have my uncensored blog so that the idiots among us can still feel all powerful in attacking me or the truth, or whatever is inside the vacuum that is located between their ears.

How long will this blog go on? That is something even I would like to figure out. I am still wondering how long Bob will continue to demand his weapons of mass development. We can't even determine whether Bob will stick it out on this project or whether he will go on to other projects he has in his little black bag.

For all of you who visit this blog, thank you so very much for this past year.

On October 18, 2007, beginning at 7:00 PM, at Crestwood Street Elementary School, there will be a candidates' Forum for the Rancho Palos Verdes City Council that are up for grabs.

Three incumbents are seeking reelection to the three available seats, and two other candidates are attempting to win two of the seats from two of the incumbents.

This Forum has been designed to allow for the greatest input and discussion between the candidates themselves and the residents from the eastern side of Rancho Palos Verdes.

There have been claims that have been verified by R.P.V. government representatives that if the voters in the "Eastview" area of R.P.V. actually voted as a block or in great enough numbers, our residents would be able to dictate what happens in the entire City of Rancho Palos Verdes.

Unfortunately for those east side voters who have voted in the past and wish to have more input into the workings of R.P.V., there have been only about 11% of us who vote regularly in our own City's election. No wonder why so many folks on the east side of The Hill feel we are not being represented.

Actually, we are being represented by three incumbent candidates and the two other candidates when it comes to Ponte Vista. All five do not like Bob's plans and what those plans would do to the residents that are represented in the City of Rancho Palos Verdes.

There are many more issues, other than Ponte Vista that our voters should be concerned about and should question all the candidates about at the Forum. The Storm Drain "fee/levy/tax", whether it remains in place and how it could be governed is very important to residents on the east side of the hill. Some of our neighbors are involved in lawsuits over the matters involving the problems with decaying storm drains in our area and in other areas of R.P.V.

Becoming fully represented in and by the Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified School District is extremely important to many, many residents in our area. "Eastview" students MAY attend either L.A.U.S.D. or P.V.P.U.S.D. schools, but our parents who send their kids to P.V.P.U.S.D. schools, and everyone else in our particular area cannot vote in elections involving candidates or issues in the P.V.P.U.S.D. area.

Traffic in our area and traffic issues dealing with how our residents commute to schools on Palos Verdes Drive North, Palos Verdes Drive East, and/or by Long Point and Trump National have created many issues that need working on.

Rancho Palos Verdes needs to find places and ways to provide for "low income" housing units. Some in our City government have suggested that this type of housing should be built along Western Avenue, in Rancho Palos Verdes. This issue has many of us on the east side of the hill, including our neighbors in San Pedro, very concerned.

There are ongoing questions about the finances within the City of Rancho Palos Verdes. Because we are a "bedroom community" compared to other cities on the hill that have more businesses, our income into city coffers is either at the bottom, or one step above the bottom compared to all other cities in the South Bay area. Even though many folks consider R.P.V. to be an affluent city, there are many people who realize that our city has many financial woes, other cities can better contend with. There are still others in our city who believe the governors and policy makers can do a much better job at dealing with the finances in our City.

I urge anyone and everyone who wants to learn more about the candidates and issues in this coming election, particularly those who reside in the eastern portion of Rancho Palos Verdes, to attend the two-hour Candidates Forum. Also please tell your neighbors and friends about the Forum.

I have not, as yet, seen or heard a response from a certain publisher who seems to believe that everyone who supports R1 at Ponte Vista is part of the "Mark Wells faction".

I do, however applaud the publisher's ability to inject humor into my life at this particular time. Sometimes health concerns of an individual or his or her family members crop up at about the same time and that is when humor such as I read, came in handy.

Not that anything of what Mr. Publisher wrote has any sort of truth to it. But if he does consider that I may have an entire "faction" to myself then perhaps I should begin to use my new found finding to create changes around the area.

If I do command a whole "faction" (of course I don't believe I do, but please allow me to play for a moment) I think I would like to see the following changes made in San Pedro and/or the surround area:
Move the Vincent Thomas Bridge 3-1/2" toward the south east.
Use inflatable bags to raise Sunken City and get rid of the fence.
Bring back the Edsel.
Make sure that all Chocolate Milk Shakes are made using only Strawberry Ice Cream.
Demand that every person write with their left hand.
Bring back at least the smell of baking bread near the old bakery site.
Take the white domes off of the radar systems on the top of The Hill.
I want to be six-feet tall, make it happen.
Make ALL lanes of Western Avenue at Avenida Aprenda one way....heading north.
Bring a Costco to San Pedro.
Watch the blimp fly backwards.
Get a certain publisher to admit that he really doesn't know what he is writing about and that he hasn't demonstrated the care and consideration he should have concerning the Ponte Vista project.

Thank you all, for reading this part. I know none of this has a remote chance of happening, but at least I can dream a bit.

J.D. Hobby shop is not renewing its lease at its site in Rancho Palos Verdes. They are going to have a larger shop in downtown San Pedro opening up in November on 6th. Street. These are some great folks who will help downtown San Pedro attract more business. It is sad to lose the sales tax revenue that is now going to R.P.V., but they will have a bigger store that will cater to the needs and wants of hobbyists, and that is a good thing.

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