Friday, October 26, 2007

Odds and Ends 36

The Marymount College Expansion Draft EIR is ready to be poured over and commented on. I feel residents and others who have concerns about traffic on Western and traffic near the main campus, should take all opportunities to learn what the expansion might bring to OUR community and they should make their own comments about that expansion.

The election for two seats on the Lomita City Council will be on November 6, 2007. There are three candidates running for the two available seats.

One candidate, current Mayor Mark Waronek, had and has been very supportive of Bob's plans for Ponte Vista at San Pedro. Mark was and is so supportive of Bob's plans, he heartily endorsed the plans long before the Environmental Impact Report was published. Mark must know more than common folks to have so much knowledge about issues that haven't been brought up for consideration.

Mark claim he has severed ties with Bisno Development and is no longer lobbying for Bob and the bunch. Mark is a politician, so if you choose to believe Mark, that is your right to have that opinion.

Mark may have done a wonderful job in all the aspects of Lomita's Centennial, but his support of a giant housing project that will impact residents of Lomita, suggest to me that whatever good he has done, or might do, is not worthy of allowing him to be reelected.

I endorse the two other candidates for the two seats on the Lomita City Council and believe that it is time Mark Waronek leave elected office.

The other election I am concerned about, and one that has a great impact on my neighborhood and the eastern side of The Hill is the November 6, 2007 election for three seats on the Rancho Palos Verdes City Council.

I have already created a post dealing with the three candidates I have endorsed. All three candidates have learned about the Ponte Vista at San Pedro project and all three have personally and publicly stated they support keeping the site with its current zoning.

All three of the candidates I have endorsed, Mayor Tom Long, Mayor Pro Tem Doug Stern, and Councilman Steve Wolowicz, have very strongly stated their opposition to Bob's plans for the land that is so close to Rancho Palos Verdes.

There are two other candidates running for the three available seats. I like Paul Wright and serve with him on the Rancho Palos Verdes Traffic Safety Commission. I feel that he would best serve all of us if he were to run again for the seat now held by Dr. Peter Gardiner. Dr. Pete has worked hard for the election of Paul, but when term limits are applied to Dr. Gardiner in the next election, I feel that Paul would fit well into the seat now held by Peter Gardiner.

Don Reeves is a kind, caring person, who has opinions on all the issues. He is a co-sponsor of the proposition on the ballot to repeal the Storm Drain User Fee.

I am no where near as conservative in my beliefs as it appears Mr. Reeves is. I fear that if Mr. Reeves takes a seat now held by more centrist incumbents, he will shift the Council to positions I find too conservative for my liking.

I am still favoring the repeal of the Storm Drain User Fee, but it is because I am in a strange position on the issue and I don't feel 80% of the residents should pay for benefits for 100% of the population and I am one of the 20% who is not required to pay the fee.

If all residents were required to pay the User Fee, I would vote in less than one heartbeat to keep it, but it is not fair for 80% of the people to pay 100% of the costs. Using general revenue streams that I contribute tax dollars to, makes the necessary costs fairer for everyone.

I also don't trust for one second that any City Council would really keep the 10-year sunset ordinance proposed in Measure C on the ballot.

As many of us had to clean off the ashes from the fires around Southern California, I think we all should take another look through the fencing along Western Avenue, at the Ponte Vista site. There are still piles of debris on the lots and in the streets. There are still clear violations of L.A. City ordinances concerning how abandoned structures should be kept, and there are plenty of examples of fire hazards and other improper things all over the site.

I have created a post about who should help deal with the blight. Since I am a resident of R.P.V., I don't have the same power that individuals living in San Pedro and especially closer to the Ponte Vista site have for dealing with Bob's blight.

I wish individuals, homeowner groups, and the Northwest San Pedro Neighborhood Council would do whatever it takes to get Bob to clean up the site. I know if he is found to be in violation of ordinances and he refuses to clean the site up, the City of L.A. has the right to come onto his property, clean it up, and then send him the bill.

Perhaps folks living in northwest San Pedro have had to live with the blight so long, they have grown to just ignore it. That is a shame and it could lead to some very serious conditions if there is another Santa Ana wind condition and a fire starts inside the Ponte Vista site. Not all the houses in Rolling Hills Riviera have tile roofs.

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