Sunday, October 28, 2007

While we are Sleeping

Bob thinks we are all just sleeping away the time waiting for the Planning Department to come out with their opinions about Ponte Vista.

To this end it seems, Bob is circulating another letter full of untruths, half-truths, and misinformation, as well as a telephone survey that seem to consider that we are all forgetting why we are fighting against a weapon of mass development, like Ponte Vista at San Pedro.

Here is a letter to the editor of a local newspaper that has been submitted for possible publication. I think it is important enough to place it on this blog to let everyone know that Bob is continuing his old tricks to manipulate opinions and process propaganda.

Ponte Vista is at it again with a mailing and a new telephone survey implying that 1,950 units are approved and will not cause traffic problems.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

The project will add almost 62% to the daily traffic on Western Avenue. They say they will “only” add 30%, but they counted traffic during storm drain construction, when traffic was 30% below normal.

City staff should have caught the mistakes. They didn’t, but the Councilwoman’s Community Advisory Committee [CAC] did. The CAC decided that the numbers were not credible and refused to endorse the project.

Ponte Vista claims a report by the Neighborhood Council supports them. Wrong again. Ponte Vista is quoting from a draft written before it was discovered that Ponte Vista counted traffic while Western was torn up. The final report, which Ponte Vista refuses to quote, comes to different conclusions,

Will the City do anything to protect us? Maybe. The Traffic Department’s General Manager has been fired. The City Council has instructed the Traffic Department to consider changing the way the City counts traffic, saying “It is unclear whether .. national averages [from New York and elsewhere] .. reflect the extreme reliance on automobiles and the sprawling density unique to Los Angeles.”

Ponte Vista has a long way to go. Nothing has been filed to support their application for a zone change, so we don’t really know what they will propose. Whatever happens, the City should write its own environmental study, using reasonable data to determine traffic, student generation, and population. As citizens and residents, we must insist on it.

The letter to the editor of The Daily Breeze was written by Mr. Pat Nave, an authority on just about all issues regarding Ponte Vista at San Pedro and recognized as such, even by Bob Bisno and many individuals associated with, employed by, or supporting Bisno Development Co.

With the last telephone survey, we found that Bob distorted the truth to the point that the survey contained an out and out lie. When a portion of the last telephone survey included the words "Ponte Vista will be a mix of single-family housing, condominiums, and town houses..." it illustrated that Bob is willing to attempt to coerce unsuspecting individuals into believing things that simply are not true.

I know whereof I write, when I document Bob's use of the words, "single-family housing". I know what the vast majority of individuals reading those three words believe they know exactly what they mean. When Bob created that specific wording in the survey, as he acknowledged he did, he is continuing his pattern of considering how stupid he feels people are, including his supporters.

I hope we find out what Bob's current survey is asking. I hope if you get the call, you will remember what the questioner says, and it would be even greater if you could write as much as possible down.

If the survey's questioner states things that have not been proven to be true, or states "facts" that are not true, it would be good to have those words and phrases on file.

We have already seen and heard Bob and his bunch spout misinformation, untruths, misleading statements, and opinions as "facts".

We also need to continue to be vigilant to the propaganda Bob is pouring out, and what steps he is willing to take to get his overly huge project approved.

We should not have our blood boiling, but we need to be concerned, informed, and always watching, questioning, and discussing all that needs to be discussed, so we can save San Pedro and OUR community!

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Anonymous said...

My Dad got this telephone survey and answered every question the way Ponte Vista DID NOT want to hear. So they asked him how long he's lived in San Pedro? And he answered 83 years, born and raised, and he told them that he knows this is not the right thing for San Pedro. Believe me, he has seen it all when it comes to the various development booms that have hit this town. He knows better than to support the Ponte Vista stupidity. He gave 'em hell!!

You are right, we can't get comfortable now. BisNO is still out there. Even though the housing market is down, he is still persistent. I think this whole issue for BisNO is very personal as well as financial. He DOES NOT want to lose and be driven out of our town by a bunch of ranting elitists....That, I know for sure!